Tuesday, December 18, 2012

DIY Holiday Food Gifts

This post is for all of you last-minute-Lisas who are still lolly gagging around trying to finish up your holiday gifts. A couple weeks ago, I gave you some ideas about DIY presents. Now, my friends, we are going DIY FOOD presents! Get ready... things are about to get all spicy and chocolate-y in the kitchen! This aternoon you are going to get a second post. So make sure to check back to see ol' Cookin' With Chris make another appearance to teach you how to make another DIY Food Gift Option: Hot Nuts!

Without further ado, here they are in all of their deliciousness...


Sunshine in a box! What a brilliant idea... especially or someone who lives in a super cold place (Michigan?) or someone who might be going through a hard time.
They painted the inside of the box yellow and added this cute card.

The contents include lots of bright yellow!
How happy!

A Taco Box Kit! 
It includes everything you need to throw a fiesta at home.
If you are looking for a fiesta recipe, just you wait because soon I am going to let you in on how I made some yummy enchiladas.

Who would not love some candy-coated chocolate pretzel sticks? 
Seriously, I am about to jump through the computer screen to eat those!

Sometimes the gift is all about the packaging. 
These S'more kits look pretty cool all boxed up like this.

Here is another option for s'more packaging.

Caramel apples are pretty fantastic!
Make a DIY caramel apple kit so your recipient can get all goo-ed up at home.

You could even make it unique by adding a little toffee or another fun topper!

Ice Cream Sundae In A Box!
Go ahead and leave the cones out though... everyone knows that the dish is the way to go!

Give the gift of delicious movie goodies! You could buy a Redbox gift certificate to go with it!

I have recently discovered the yumminess of peppermint bark. 
Package it up in a pretty carton and put a tag on it.
Tada! Instant neighbor or co-worker gift!

Carina Gardner has even made things super easy for you! Click here to download and personalize the cute tag below for FREE!

Go ahead and preheat your oven. Start printing your food gift tags. It looks like you are about to finish off your whole holiday shopping list!

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  1. mmmmmmmm...good ideas but would like to see some of your own holiday treats. So I know what I'm in for!! I know you won't let me eat any of them tho!
    I do like the Sunshine in a box and the ice cream sundae box idea.

    1. I love that sunshine in a box!
      you know we don't have a lot of treats around here! although kelly did buy some.

    2. My favorites are the sunshine in a box and the chocolate covered pretzels. I'm looking out my window and I have a nice sunny day, but I DON'T HAVE ONE CHOCOLATE PRETZEL. How sad.

    3. That is sad! Someone needs to get you a CCP stat!!!!

  2. Love these ideas....favs are the movie box and the sundae box! If you are in need of treats...I know where you can get some....

    1. I'm ready! I miss getting to test out all of your holiday cookies!

  3. Dear Santa, I would like a Taco box
    Thank you

    1. Dear RV,
      I ran out of tacos. How about some Vegemite?
      Senor Claus