Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Favorite Cora Photos! 5-6 Months Old, Part 2

A couple of weeks ago, I showed you Part 1 Of My Favorite Cora Photos From Months 5-6.

How about we take a look at the second half of that fun month?!?!

I used to put Cora in a box full of toys whenever I took a shower. I kept making the box bigger and bigger. Eventually, it was obvious that the box situation wasn't going to work anymore. But here she is enjoying her box time!

You know we loved our park time!

The swing has always been her favorite!

Awww my sweet smiley baby!

Someone was a big fan of Mali!

Such a cute giant little baby!

This one is one of my favorites ever!

The stripe squad. Cora was a big fan of Teacher Mali and Doctor Becca!

A little family photo action.

This hat was one that Kelly and I wore growing up.

She's got her Scott-eyebrows working here.

Cuddle time with Boo!

A Granddad morning wake-up!

Smiles from Granddad. Even when Cora was this young she was using her "if you try to get to get too close to me, my hand goes in your face" move.

Granddad snooze patrol!

I'm just a little baby in a hoody.

Happy Hoody Baby wishing Emery happy birthday!

There will never be a day when I pass up the opportunity to take a photo of Cora sleeping.

After a little handiwork by mom I got her head back up.

Cora's 6 month birthday... trying solid food for the first time.

She wasn't so sure.

And most of it ended up on her face.

She wanted to try feeding herself.

Sitting on dad's shoulders (or head, apparently) used to be Cora's favorite thing in the whole world.

6 month family photo time!

If you want another dose of Cora in your life it is your lucky day:

Happy Saturday!!!! 

Just a few more days to enjoy 2012! So, get to work!

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  1. What a sweet little girl! She's grown up so quickly.