Thursday, December 13, 2012

I'm All Up In Your Hizzie: Holiday Edition!

Welcome to the first post of "I'm All Up In Your Hizzie." In this series, I will be crashing my kind friends and readers lovely abodes to show you some of the awesome things they are working with. Think "MTV Cribs" but with less gold teeth. And with an abundance of less-than-impressive photography skills. The first post is a special one. It is the Holiday Edition!

My friend (and excellent blog commenter), Mary, is a holiday fanatic. It would be hard to find someone quite as Christmas-crazed as Mary and her husband, George. Mary makes jokes about how festive they are. She even acts like she and her husband are the Griswolds.

False! Mary and George have the most tasteful holiday decorations I have ever seen! The only thing they have in common with Clark and his family is that they all have the holiday spirit like nobody's business. OK, maybe they are also both a bit excessive. But I can promise you now that Mary and George don't have a tacky bone in their body. 

Are you ready to hear some craziness... Mary and George have SIX Christmas trees! Yes, SIX! Six! Six! I had to say it a few extra times because I am still having trouble wrapping my brain around it. Six. OK, I've got it. I could barely get up one Christmas tree and even that tree looks like a 3rd grader decorated it! Mary and George have three live trees and three artificial trees and they are all beautifully decorated.

Five of their trees are indoors. They set the other one up outdoors. They put a few of the full sized trees in bedrooms for their guests to enjoy.

Here is a nighttime glimpse at their outdoor tree, which, by the way is situated just past George's immaculate grass and right in the middle of his practice green. That's right, people. George has a little patch of golfing green in his yard. Maybe I am closer to MTV Cribs than I thought.

Cora came with me to check out Mary's Holiday Paradise and didn't know what to do with herself. There were about 10 Santas, Christmas lights everywhere and holiday music galore.

There were even some unique decorations like The Befana from Italian folklore. She is supposed to be like Santa Claus, but she delivers presents on Epiphany Eve (the night of January 5th).

And the chef's tree that I mentioned here.

Mary and George love to cook. So, they have a special tree to celebrate their passion. By the way, I am almost positive that the chef's tree was not included in the tree count. Nor were the few mini trees that decorated bathrooms and other small spaces.

MTV Cribs example number two... they have a permanent holiday hot chocolate station! You know Sisqo or Joey McIntyre just wish they had thought of that for their Cribs debut.

Mary had a little Pinspiration (Pinterest-Inspiration) this year and decorated her banister with some pretty pine and bows! You can also see the Pinteresty decoration in the Cora photo above.

It was a red and green parade. I honestly couldn't even count the number of Poinsettias in their lovely house!

They DIY-ed a little S-shaped wreath to represent their last name.

And, here it is all lit up!

In case you can't get enough here is another look at their ridiculously elegant house! Seriously, I completely expect Martha Stewart to pin the photo below.

A look at the outside! Ahhh Bahhh

Here she is, folks... Mrs. Claus, herself!  

Mom, I have to say it... Mary puts the holiday decorating you did when we were little to shame! When I commented to Mary that I couldn't believe she traded out artwork for Christmas decorations she looked at me like I was insane and said something like, "Laura, you HAVE to trade out. How else would it work?"

What is your favorite part? Can you compete with the amount of Poinsettias or Christmas trees that Mary and George have?

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  1. beautiful! six trees is a lot, but i would be thrilled to have that many. the more christmas the better, is what i always say. Ok i've never said that, but from now on it's my motto

  2. So pretty! Makes me want to ramp up my decorating. I need more trees!!!! Love the idea of putting in the guest rooms. And the chef tree is cute. Great idea to have theme trees and make them personal!

  3. Stunningly beautiful. What a lovely house you have Mary!
    Yes, Laura I did change out art work for Christmas paintings. My decorations were never as classy as Mary's tho. I think my friends Janet & Jodie come pretty close to going overboard at Christmas and they do it very tastefully as well.
    The front door display is my favorite and of course the photo of "Mrs Claus" and Cora.

    1. Tell J&J to send over their handy-holiday-work!