Sunday, November 25, 2012

Who Is Ready To Put Up Their Christmas Tree?

Not me!

But I know a lot of people (Mary) love to go wild as soon as Thanksgiving is over and get their tree all decked out.

A few days ago, I tried to get you in the holiday spirit with seriously funky tree-wannabes

Today, let's take a look at some beautiful, somewhat traditional Christmas pines!

I did say somewhat traditional! I love this cute little tree. It is the perfect tree for an apartment or a dorm room. Although I don't think I knew any college students who had a tree at all.

Why is there a 12 year old working at Lowes? Whatever the reason, I love her tree. I am a big fan of a loud, colorful tree with every single random ornament on it. But I can see the beauty in having a theme to your tree.

This one was done so tastefully! Even the presents match. I cannot imagine that ever happening at my house! 

I love the color and love the idea. But I am not sure it 100% works. The tree is hidden under 300 pounds of ribbon. The poor thing is suffocating. Let 'er breathe! That was mean. What I meant to say was excellent effort.  (Did anyone else notice that I started talking to myself? Why are you still reading the writing of a crazy lady?)

A little more breathing room! I like this one better.

A ribbon tree with a fancy hairdo. Whoa, what a hairdo! I think this one works the best of the vertical ribbon trees thus far.

I have no right to judge. I gave it a whirl two year's ago and I didn't pull it off either.

Maybe there is something to sticking to the traditional, horizontal ribbon. 

Another mini-me tree. This time is is covered with some American Pickers junk. But they made it work! 

This looks like the place to be. Those kids are maxin', relaxin' and havin' a ball! Obviously, it is all because of the adorable tree!

Well hello decorative ladder, you have entered my life again. Not only can you hold art and advent calendars but you also can hold random Christmas goodies. I really love this tree. I think they did a great job. I am going to take a lesson from them in garland loopiness. 

Check out that sweet tree just chillin' in the corner. I am a fan. She is simple, yet beautiful! 

Whoa, a full one! She's got her red and white going on. Lookin' good, lady! 

I think the early 90s just hit Christmas town! I am digging all the colors! 

Yet another tiny tot of a tree. Cutie! 

Hey, hey now fancy, colorful ball tree! By the looks of it, you are livin' large in a mall. Go ahead with your bad self! 

Ugh, I am still feeling bad about dissing those ribbon trees. I really would be proud if I made them. In fact, I did make one was proud of it. I am sorry lovely ribbon trees. You are glorious!

Happy decorating to you all!

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  1. I love how these trees start to take on a human personality and you talk to them and feel bad about hurting their feelings. Perfectly normal!!!
    Hey I kinda miss the daily wyr!
    Will you be putting up 2 trees this year?
    I started pulling out my Christmas stuff but it has to be done over a period of time...I decorate bit by bit. Hopefully I will have more for you again this year as I weed out more from my collection..I hear you say YEA!!

    1. Yes, I definitely started talking to the trees.
      You can start posing a daily WYR in the comments!
      Just one tree this year (and every year).
      I look forward to sorting through your Christmas left-overs!

  2. I am, I am!!!!! All done with the inside of my house, well almost... 1 tree is up and decorated, going with another live one for the formal living room and we'll get that this weekend...The outside lights in front will be done Friday and the back is done but we don't have the tree for the backyard yet, we are getting that on Friday too.

    1. of course you are! I can't wait to go Christmas-House-Crashing on your lovely abode!