Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thanksgiving: Round 4. A Few More Decorations & Some Thanksgiving Food!

Welcome back to Thanksgiving and Fall decorating!

I am here to help you however I can.

I have given you a post full of traditions, one with my thanks jar and holiday books , one with kiddie decorations and fancy candles, and one chock-a-block full of acorns and wreaths. Is it possible that you are still in need of some decorating help? Do you need help with a festive centerpiece?

Maybe you need an easy recipe? Could you be looking to make pilgrim hats out of candy? WELL, YOU ARE IN LUCK!!!

I have a few more inspiring photos of Fall decorations and then we move onto some delicious (delicious-looking, anyway) food!

Round up your cute old jars and throw some berry-filled twigs in them = GORGEOUS!

Keep things light and breezy (yes, breezy) with some faded leaves, some light colored glass vases and some white-washed mini pumpkins. Just  go ahead and do it. It will be glorious!

Break out your pretty cloth napkins and some raffia (I heart raffia). Cut leaf shapes out of some pretty paper and punch a hole in it. Then, ta-da! You have fabulousness!

Tissue paper and twig leaf garland! So pretty! Get some colored tissue paper. Cut it into leaf shapes. Glue on some twigs. Then glue that onto a piece of yarn.

Everyone has some extra time on Thanksgiving day (FALSE). That's OK... Make time to run out and trim a couple of trees! Your trees will look at bit tidier and your table will be a bit more festive!

When you see gorgeous leaves like the ones below preserve them and use them in your Thanksgiving centerpiece. Check this website out for instructions on how to preserve them.

How about a little Thanksgiving food! (Sorry people, I'm a vegetarian... the meat squad won't be showin' up in these dishes).

Roasted Butternut Squash and Goat Cheese Phyllo Torte
Mmmmm... Hello deliciousness! 

Vegetable Tarte Tatin
I have zero idea what a Vegetable Tarte Tatin is but just look at it. Doesn't it look amazing.  Please get to cookin' and let me know if it tastes as good as it looks!

Baked Pumpkin Oatmeal
So cute! Give it a whirl and then invite me over to try it and make sure it is OK to serve! 

Green Bean Casserole
Everyone's favorite Thanksgiving dish... yes? 

Roasted tomato and creamy goat’s cheese tart recipe
If you can find tomatoes that look that fresh at Thanksgiving please give me a call and tell me where!

Let's end this food party the right way... with DESSERT!
shhhhh- why don't you forget the pies and pretend like you are a 3rd grader, like me!

Chocolate Pilgrim Hats
Adorable, easy, undoubtedly delicious (USE SAMOAS or the knock-offs just to be sure it is just right).
You can invite me over to test this out too, please!

Turkey Cookies
Look at those little turkeys. They are so silly and I want to eat them... now! Seriously, how fast can someone make them for me?

Is everyone ready for a terrific Thanksgiving get together and feast? 

To my Aussie pals: please eat something other than Vegemite and musk flavored Lifesavers on this day of fabulous food!

Hello to the Would You Rather Question of the Day!!!

WYR... be able to fly like Superman 15 times in your life (you get to pick when)
be the world's smartest person?

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  1. Love this!!! Those recipes look amazing! I will give them to my chef to try and make! like Superman...weeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  2. Those recipes look really good. I might even try some of them. The cookies are cute.


    1. Yes, please! Maybe we can try them together over winter break. You go ahead and try them first so you can be the head chef.

  3. WYR: Superman!
    You did not mention that Cora & I already tried the trick of hanging up leaves on a clothes line.
    & whose Mama makes the best Green Bean Casserole unless she uses Chicken Soup instead of Mushroom soup!!

    1. You make a mean green bean!
      Your leaves are still hanging there!