Sunday, January 27, 2013

How to Compose a Good WYR

Wooo Ho Hooooo what is this???? It isn't even Wednesday and there is Would You Rather (WYR) talk?

Aunt Kelly is here visiting and she happens to be notoriously bad at making up Would You Rather questions, so she sat down for a coaching session with the WYR World Champion, Scott. Unfortunately, Scott was an unwilling and uncooperative participant in this coaching session, but we still got some good advice out of him.

Here's Kelly's rough draft:
every time you trip you have to sprint 50 meters
every third meal you have to eat off of the dishes in Cora's picnic basket (which are baby sized)?

Scott was not impressed with this WYR and he launched into a vehement critique. After we got him to calm down a little, he said "first you've got to pick something good." That advice didn't help much, since Kelly thought hers WAS good, so we asked Scott to elaborate. He argued that no one wants to eat off of tiny plates, and he doesn't trip very often, so the choice was too easy--of course you're going to pick tripping since it hardly ever happens. Plus, how are you even going to spring 50 meters? Do you have to go outside? 

After working very hard to get more feedback from him we finally got two more pieces of advice:
Get ready all of your WYR wanna-be question askers- you may have just struck gold.

First, you've got to pick something good. (Yes, he went with the same advice again... since we heard it twice we knew it must be important).
Second, the choices either have to be very detailed or composed in a way that you can't have too many questions about each choice.

I hope that helps. Next time he seems to be in better WYR spirit I will see what other tips I can give you to improve your own WYR skills.

Here are the WYRs that he kindly shared with me:

1. WYR...
that your name be Toxifina 

2. WYR...
have to drink 10 ounces of Worcestershire sauce in one hour
have to drink 30 ounces of apple cider vinegar in one hour?

3. WYR...
once every 10 days you woke up and you look like Tina Turner (without the notoriety of looking like Tina Turner)
you have these sweet tattoos on both arms every day?

4. WYR...
eat 1 tree air freshener (your choice of flavor)
3 cups of dried dog food (you choose the brand and flavor)?

5. WYR...
have to drink 32 ounces of eggnog every day
have to put lip balm on every 15 minutes all day (except while you're sleeping) and it makes your lips super shiny?

Here is Scott's revision of Kelly's WYR:
6. WYR...
every time you trip you have to do 20 somersaults wherever you are
every 3rd meal you have to eat off of tiny Cora-sized plates?

Happy Sunday to you all!
And, sorry to be late on this one...
HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY (yesterday)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good job, mama! That guy clearly wants you to take a photo with that cake!