Monday, May 6, 2013

The Bonus Room Chronicles: Step 7: Finishing Touches

Can you believe it... we are wrapping up a Chronicles series! We are about to put a "finito" stamp on The Bonus Room Chronicles.

Let's look at the after photos first!

This is not how I thought I would wrap up The Bonus Room Chronicles. I thought my lovely orange design would still be there. I thought I would have my Bob Barker wire display and my photo wall. But there were some major changes in the bonus room when our house went on the market. We figured out that the photo displays, the orange wall and Bob needed to hit the road. Our Realtor suggested that we ditch the bed and the peach paint and make the room a media room. So, we followed his advice. I think he was right!

He told us that we should put a TV in that room and since we didn't have any spare TVs floating around we did the most logical thing.... drive about 40 miles to pick up a big broken flat screen for free. Scott found an ad on Craigslist advertising a free flat screen. The catch was, well, it was broken, and the other catch was that, along with the broken flat screen, you also had to take a huge monster of a TV that was also broken. The ad made it very clear that you needed to bring someone to help you carry the monster of a TV because no one was going to help you. 

Scott emailed them and set up a time to get it and told the guy that he had moved quite a few enormous TVs in his day and thought he could handle it. When he got there he tried to pick it up by himself for about 30 seconds while an able-bodied dude sat watching. It was clear that this was not a one person job. Finally, the able-bodied dude stepped in and we were now the proud owners of two totally broken TVs. Charlotte has a nice bulky item pick-up service. So, that is where the big mama TV went. ps I tried to think of ways to reuse that broken TV, but it just wasn't happening. Recently, I had to practically beg someone to take a new and not so huge old TV so I knew that giving this one away would be impossible. 

Here's a photo of that lovely, broken TV:

Sorry... it turns out that this post is getting a little long. This is going to have to be a 2 part step. So, we aren't going to wrap up The Bonus Room Chronicles quite yet. I will try to sneak in another post tomorrow to finish off this cool cat, but you may not see me back until Wednesday.

Here are your stepperoonis:

The Bonus Room Chronicles Introduction Post

Step 1: Move in. Paint the walls. Put up curtains. Put up art. Paint orange design. Paint polka dots.

Step 2Put up wire display.

Step 3Put up wall of frames.

Step 4Move furniture around. Get rid of TV. Add bed.

Step 5: Part 1Part 2Part 3Build window seat and built in bookcases.

Step 6Change out the bifold doors

Step 7: Part 1.  Part 2Part 3Finishing touches

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