Monday, May 20, 2013

Floor Plans And Ideas: The First Floor, Part 3

Maybe this blog ought to be called, "Let's divide things that most people could cover in 10 seconds into 100 posts." Because that is what I like to do. Sooooo it looks like the first floor plans will not be finished in one post, not even in two; three is not happening. So, let's hope I can manage to wrap them up in four posts!

For now, we will just concentrate on part 3: The massage room/ guest bedroom.

The 1st Floor Bedroom:
Do you remember the whole Murphy Bed fiasco (bought itthought we had to sell it)? It turns out that it is a good thing that we held onto that bad maama jamma because it is going to have a lovely home in our guest bedroom/ massage room (ps have I told you all that I am a Neuromuscular Therapist when I'm not blogging or Cora-wrangling? Well, I am!). As you can see from the plans above, the Murphy Bed will rest nicely against one wall while the massage table is being used. When we have guests, old massage-o scoots out of the way and the room turns into a lovely guest suite!

Here is ol' Murphy Brown herself:

Eventually, I may paint the wood veneer on Murphy Moo, but it will take a look of convincing Mr. Never Listless before that happens. If I do change it, I think I would add some trim to the doors to break them up a bit and paint it white. Maybe something like this:

Or maybe paint it a fun color like this:

The bookshelf will either be this one from the foyer:

or this one from the massage room:

I am going to try to do a much better job at this house making my guests feel welcome. We have always had a guest bed, but we rarely have any hanging space for our guests. The only thing we usually have for them is clean sheets, towels, and soap. 

In this house, our guests will get all of the things I mentioned above. Plus, I will have the wireless password for them. They will also get shampoo, and all the other bathroom necessities I can think of. And, if I am really on top of everything, I will put mints on their pillows and turn down their sheets (I learned this trick when I recently visited my dad). The only problem is that we try not to keep many sweets in the house because they disappear into my stomach. 

Who is ready to visit me now?

Since the closet in that room will be used as Scott's office, I plan to put a little valet rod in there for any hanging clothes our lovely guests might bring. 
I'm thinking something like this on the back on the closet door:

Flowers, bathrobes, slippers, etc would all be nice for guests too. But, these days I'm happy if I can get fresh sheets on the bed for my guests. Does anyone have any other suggestions for making your guests feel at home? Dig into your memory bank and pull out my post around Christmas time about my friend Mary who puts Christmas trees in her guest bedrooms during the holidays. Now, that is a hostess with the mostest.

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  1. I reeling from all the names you gave the Murphy bed!!
    My sister-in-law Susie has always left treats on our pillows when we go to visit and usually some type or gift she has made (tissue packet covers, embroidered book marks or VB stuff(she knows I LOVE VB)...very thoughtful.
    For me, when 'guesting' at your house all I need is Cora and soon the new baby. You are always a wonderful host and I'm sure real guests get the super treatment from you, whereas Mama who is just happy to be there does not have to get all the frills.
    Oprah says to always put new soap out for guests, she does not like used soap in the soap dish!! So remember that when she is coming to visit.