Monday, May 13, 2013

Floor Plans And Ideas: The First Floor, Part 2

Hello hello! Happy happy Monday! Welcome back to another exciting look at what my plans for the new house entail. A couple of weeks ago, I showed you part of my plans for the first floor. Now, it is time for part two!

Here is another look at the plans for the first floor.

In the last post, I gave you details on the plans for the porch, the entryway, and the garage. 

In this post, I am only going to show you what I picked for the bathroom downstairs. I meant to show finish off the tour of the first floor, but I didn't get it together in time. Sorry! I will try to throw in an extra post this week to make up for it. 

The 1st Floor Bedroom's Bathroom:
In the other two full baths I went with greys and whites, but I thought I would mix it up a little for this bathroom. I'm not really a cream person, but I am excited about trying it out. I'm feeling a little blue or turquoise and coral for accents and the shower curtain. Maybe green. Who knows!

Here are my picks:
Counter: Crema Marfil Marble
Floor Tile: Emser Pietre Del Nord, Alaska, Matte
Shower Wall Tile: 13x13 Emser Cordovia, Avorio
Cabinet: Merillat Spring Valley Square, Kona colored

This shower curtain from Target might look nice with some coral accents!

I did some searching and I found a fabulous blogger who put together a lovely turquoise and coral mood board! Thanks, Janny from Que Linda for doing all the work for me!

Check out this pretty coral rug from Pottery Barn.

A lovely shower curtain from Bed Bath And Beyond:

You get the idea, yes?
Yay! Yay! I am getting excited about decorating!

And A Happy Happy Birthday to one of my BFFs, Brooke!


  1. Love the colors you are thinking of going with - turquoise and coral.

    Happy Birthday Brooke!

    & Thank you Laura,Scott & Cora for a lovely visit and a wonderful Mother's Day. Scott got into the DIY and made some terrific coasters for me for Mum's Day (he also made his Mom some).

  2. It all looks very nice, especially that garage storage area.

  3. Kelly would like to hear more about the coasters.