Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!

I hope those of you who have the day off have a fabulous one! I will spend the day packing, packing, packing, packing. One week from today we move everything out of our house. We are still going to spend the night in the house (camp-out style with no beds or anything) because it makes me sad to think that we could have spent an extra night in our sweet old house and we didn't.

It is all starting to hit me. We are about to leave the house that we lived in when we got married, when I had Cora, when she took her first steps, and said her first words. What makes this all even harder is that Cora is getting sad about things getting packed away or taken down from the walls. Every day, she points to where a picture of a llama hung on the wall and says "llama gone" in the saddest/ cutest voice you've ever heard. Then I say, "I know the llama is gone, but we will see him again." She starts nodding like she knows everything is going to be OK and says "Dav Dav" meaning we will see the llama again in Davidson. Then we repeat this process with the penguin, the duck, and the pig. Aha! As I am typing this I just figured out that she is talking about her piggy bank. I had been trying to convince her that there was no pig picture in her room.

And, now you know the three most important things in Cora's room. I didn't know they were favorites until they were gone.

We stopped by our new house to check out the progress for a quick second yesterday and Cora picked out where the llama, the penguin, the duck and the pig would go in her new house.

Here she is checking out the ceilings with Scott.

The good news for Cora about us taking everything off the wall is that the chalkboard in her room is temporarily at her height.

Here is one more Cora photo to celebrate Memorial Day (let it be known that this photo has nothing to do with Memorial Day). On the way up to see our new house, we saw a random dog in our neighborhood that looked like it didn't belong. So, I stopped and checked its tag. Sure enough, it was from a nearby neighborhood. The dog was SUPER DUPER friendly and Cora thought it was pretty fantastic that we got to hang out with the dog until his owner came.
ps this photo doesn't show off the dog's happy personality. I promise he was a sweetie.

The Memorial Day fun isn't over yet. I have a few shout outs:

Happy birthday to my BFF, Sandra Dee!!!!

Congratulations to my dad and my sister for finishing their walk on the Camino de Santiago. They went to Spain and walked about 200 miles in less than 3 weeks. You can follow the adventure on my dad's blog, Young Codger!
Here they are walking on the camino. They hit a bit of a snow storm, but for the most part they had pretty nice weather.

I hope to be back with a full post tomorrow!


  1. Sad post!
    Love the doggie story!

  2. I really like this post with the Cora pictures and stories and Kelly and I even got a bonus shout out.