Friday, May 24, 2013

OO: Even More Closet Organization

It is Organization Overhaul time in the hizzie! Are you all ready for this?

Today, I am going to show you Cora's closet clean-up. I also compiled a snazzy listerama of my favorite closet organizing tips that I have given you in the past.

I am sorry to say that this is not my closet transformation, but it is an especially lovely one so take a look:

You just wait until I get my hands on the blank canvas closets that live in our new house. Things are going to get wild around here (if you consider really efficient shelving wild)!

In past closet organization posts I have dispensed lots of random organizational knowledge to you. And, I am about to do it again. 

In between these tips, you get to take a look at a much less exciting transformation than the one above. I have some before and afters of Cora's closet after a big clean-up happened in it.

Sorry these photos aren't very exciting, but any before and after is better than no before and after, right? ehh??

From My Favorite Organizing Tips Post:
  • Get in the right mood for organizingPut on some comfy clothesTurn up the music. Choose to organize at a time of day when you feel most energized. Try to plan it so you can have a whole day or at least a few consecutive hours to work your organizational magic. If you only have little bits of time try to break up your organizing into small parts. Just do one quick shelf here and there.
  • Take a look at the things that are causing your organizational trouble. Then fix it. 
  • Label everything
  • Put it away now! 
  • Make your messes prettyUse nice baskets, colorful paper or paint to beautify the area that you need to organize. At the very least, it makes for a good after photo! 
  • If you have all sorts of cool mugs and pottery in boxes, pull them out and use them in your medicine cabinet for cotton balls or on the desk as pencil holders. 
  • My two biggest pieces of advice: 
    • put like with like, always
    • give every item a home- even if it is a box labeled "random stuff."

How about a few tips from: OO- Master Bedroom Closet, Part 2:

Step by Step: How I Organize A Closet:

  1. First, I remove all items that obviously do not belong
  2. Now, I go through everything and group all like items. I always start in the messiest area and end up in the tidiest area.
  3. After I have been through all of the nooks and crannies of the closet I think about the best location for each grouping.
  4. Undoubtedly, I soon find myself starting to wander and ditch the closet, leaving it half done. To combat this I work on another project that will make me happy- like putting clothes in order of color.
  5. As soon as I feel like mind-wander-itis has passed I get back to the important task at hand- finishing the closet!
  6. I do the final few sortings. Then it is time to fold, stack and tidy.
  7. After a good closet cleaning, there is always a huge pile right outside the door of things that need to go other places. So, I deal with that. 
Get ready for another non-Laura-organized closet before and after photo (at least they have Microsoft Paint skilllllz like I do though!):

A Few More Closet Organizing Tips From OO- Master Bedroom Closet, Part 2:
  • Keep a few boxes handy. One for donation. One for "I want to keep it but I never wear it." And one for "this goes to someone else or another room in the house." I try to keep the "I want to keep it but I never wear it" box in the attic for about a year. If I haven't touched it in that time I will get rid of most of it.
  • I have one entire closet in my house full of boxes and containers. If you have a ridiculous area like that take a peak at it after you have grouped all of your like items. See if you can find any containers that fit your new group of similar items to keep them nice and tidy.
  • I have learned a few things from the show What Not To Wear. I don't always take their advice. But I do think about it every time I am going through my closet. Ask yourself 3 questions:
    • Do I love this item?
    • Is it flattering?
    • Does this article of clothing help present the image I want to project?
If the answer is yes to all three then you can keep it!
  • Matching hangers! They make your closet look fantastic! 
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Goodbye and Happy Weekend from Cora!

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