Thursday, April 18, 2013

OO: Tips & Tricks For Organizing The Linen Closet

It has been a while since Organization Overhaul came to town. I know you have missed it so it is back. It's time to clean out the linen closet and get some good tips!

Tip Time:
  • Everyone knows the old pillowcase-sheet storage trick.

  • I'm a big fan of making use of all potential storage spaces. So, I think the the towel bar on the back of the door idea for blankets and towels is a keeper!

  • Baskets and bins help to keep things looking tidy.

  • You could always jazz things up with some pretty shelf paper or add some paint or paper to the back wall.

This one is a bit sassy for my taste, but you get the idea.

  • If you are keeping bottles and things in it, a lazy susan makes a big difference.

Here is my linen closet makeover:

As you can tell, tidying up the towels and blankets made a big difference. I could have spent a little more time and made it look perfect. 

I turned my not-so-pretty cardboard boxes into fancy(ish) little bins. All it took was some scrapbook paper that I already had on hand, scissors, a pen, and some tape.

The Before:

Just lay the box on the paper and trace the front. Then cut it, tape it, and...

Ta-Da!!! The After:

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  1. Very don't have many towels tho so it's easy to organise!