Monday, April 8, 2013

Barnyard Birthday!

I may be about 5 months late on this one, but you will see that it is well worth the wait! My friend, Brooke, is a party-decorating machine! For her daughter's 2nd birthday party she and her husband turned their house into the most adorable barnyard I have ever seen. Check out the photos. They do not do the party justice, but they give you an idea how creative she is! 

I love the red plaid, the garland, the lights. Isn't it awesome?!!

FYI- most of the photos were taken by Brooke's mom. Her pictures turned out about a million times better than mine.

She had creative food that tied in perfectly... "Chicken Feed" and "Oink."

"Hay Stacks" = clever! Also, look at the cute animal decorations and the awesome food tags!

For some of the drinks and yogurts for the kids they had a "Watering Hole."

The cupcakes were decorated with adorable animal and flower sticks. Brooke also framed the invitation and had it on display. The invitation was perfect and could easily become a permanent decoration.

A super cute birthday banner and perfectly placed flowers really set the stage.

They had the coolest favors for the kids... cowboy hats and handkerchiefs.

Cora got the wear the handkerchief and Scott snatched up the hat. That hat has gotten some SERIOUS WEAR at our house. For about a month after the party Scott would get home from work and immediately put on his evening hat (the cowboy hat).

The party was not lacking in fun activities either! They had pony rides!

And hay rides!

Cora took a short spin in the hay ride.

They also had a bounce house that Cora thought was AWESOME!

And here is the cutie pie birthday girl herself giving her cupcake a taste!

Since we are talking birthdays, I have a very important birthday shout-out! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DAD! I was lucky enough to get to celebrate both of my parent's birthdays with them this year. Thanks for a wonderful visit!, dad!

You will always be a baseball super-star in my eyes!


  1. Great pics!! Love the theme...looks straight off of Pinterest!! Love the cowboy hat!!! So glad you had a nice visit with your Daddy!!

  2. WOW!!! That is some b'day party Brooke and her husband put together. Belle is a lucky little girl.
    Happy B'day Ken! Is that Hank ....... next to you! You all look so young!!

  3. Wow, Brooke's party is muy impressive! Happy birthday, Dad! I've got that glove now.