Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The House Photos Are Done!

Happy Wednesday! This week is going so fast and so slow. Time is very confusing right now. We got to take a look at the photos of our house this morning and they turned out great. Now you get to check out any rooms that I haven't revealed to you yet and you get to see how we neutralized and de-funkyed our house.

I love the photos of our master bathroom. One of the reasons that I haven't shared it with you yet is that I have not been able to take any good photos of it. The other reason is that we pretty much finished it the day before the photos were taken. It turns out that professional photographers are pretty good at photographing bathrooms. Soon, I will compare his photos to mine for you just to show you how much it helps to have photog skills.

Soooooooooooo if you know anyone interested in a fantastic house in Charlotte, NC send them my way!

Get ready for A LOT of photos!


  1. Looks amazing!!!!! You will have no problem selling!!! Seems so weird without the Laura touches!

  2. Looks like something out of House Beautiful.