Friday, April 19, 2013

The Nursery Chronicles: Step 7: Paint & Hang The Chalkboard & Mirror

The Nursery Chronicles are back soooooooo soon! I know you're excited. I know what you want.

Today, we are jumping into Step 7, where you get to see a chalkboard and mirror get painted and go up.

There aren't a lot of things that pass through my house that don't get at least a swipe of the paint brush to them. This chalkboard/ magnetic board from Ikea (called Luns) is no exception.

That practical little guy was first hung on the wall just so we could check something off our list, but soon...

he ended up with a nice colorful yellow painted on him:

The writing on this board was waiting for Cora when she came home from the hospital. We didn't find out if Cora was going to be a girl or boy so we came up with some pretty awesome nicknames for her. For some reason Scott referred to the baby as "Toddles" while she was in my belly. My sister and I named the baby "Santa Sugarbaker" because when I was little I always said I would name my baby "Santa." "Sugarbaker" came into play because Julia Sugarbaker from Designing Women is an awesome sassy southern lady. "Hockpea" is a fake family name. For some reason, it has become a tradition that whenever someone is pregnant on my dad's side of the family we call the baby "Hockpea" until the baby is born. And there you have the run-down of Cora's pre-birth names.

Mirror Time!:
This frame had been hanging around the house for a while and had been used for all sorts of things. I had recently painted it brown and added a remnant of a big ol' bathroom mirror that we took down to it. I had not hung it yet, which made it fair game. The perfect spot for a mirror popped up in Cora's room. So it was decided... Brownie McGee was going to have a whole new life and a bright new color to add to her resume.

Here she is showing off her beautiful brown:

Then, we yellow-ed her up and turned her into this:

Mission accomplished! More yellow added to the room!

Step City is below:

Step 1Get rid of the old furniture and try out some more baby-centric duds for the room. Crib, bookshelf, and daybed.

Step 2Convince my husband to do more painting than anyone would ever want to do in their whole life. Start the painting spree by painting over the headboard on the wall. Get a dresser/ changing table and refinish it.

Step 3Get some more furniture. Start the decorating: Wire display for pictures.

Step 4a: Put up the book slings.

We  made it 3 whole steps before I divided one up. Yes, I'm very sorry. I had to add a part a and part b to Step 4. It was getting a bit long. So, now you get to enjoy it in 2 parts.

Step 4b: More decorating: Floating shelves.

Step 5: Decorations, Part 3: Hang art above the crib and all around the room

Step 6: Refinish side table and get an ottoman

Step 7: Paint the chalkboard and mirror and hang them.

Step 8: Put up the curtains. Line the inside of the dresser with some of my extra fabric

Step 9: Finishing touches.

Here are some photos of the rest of the nursery!

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