Monday, April 1, 2013

I Owe You A Good Post Tomorrow!

As you may have noticed from the past few days of posts, THINGS ARE CRAZY around here!
Today is the day that photos are being taken for our house listing. You would not believe how much work goes into getting a house ready to go on the market! If I hadn't had my mom and Emery here to help there is no way we would have made it. They were amazing Cora entertainers while she was awake and when it was time for Cora to hit snooze-town they put on their snazziest cleaning outfits and got to work. To my mom and Emery: thank you one million times over!

I will try to get you a legit post tomorrow (along with yet another birthday shout-out... my mom!).

Today, you get a few random photos of the changes we have made to stage/ neutralize/ de-funky our house.

The bottom half of our bonus room walls used to be peach (seen in the background). Check out that baby belly! 

I was trying to decide which of 2 colors that Scott's dad gave us we should use. So, I had Scott swipe a paint stick all over the wall. He didn't use a paint brush because I thought it would be a waste. Another thing that you might notice that we do not waste is painter's tape. That stuff is precious. Seriously, it costs almost as much as a new car. We reuse it at least once.

We went with the color on the left in the photo above. You will get the full reveal soon. The house was a huge mess during painting while we got everything out of the way for paint. Also, Cora is like the Tasmanian Devil. She can tear a room up in 6 seconds. She's pretty good about putting it back. Although, the putting back takes 1,000 times as long as the tear apart.

Our Realtor suggested that we paint our downstairs bathroom a lighter shade of gray to make it a bit brighter. He was right! It made a huge difference! 

And here is a photo of me with a completely ridiculous amount of books from the library. I have never checked out this many books at once before ever. Actually, these books were checked out in about 6 different trips, but I had them all at the same time. I went insanely-book-wild a few months ago when we were trying to pick all of the finishes for our new house. I needed some good ideas on dark cabinets and granite. The books helped a ton! Thank you Charlotte libraries for letting me be a crazy lady in your place of business!

And, one last thing! It is birthday time, people!!!
Happy birthday to one of my BFFs, Mergy!!!
Here is a photo of her looking cute while my sister and I dance creepily around her!

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