Monday, April 22, 2013

Moving Into A New House In Less Than 4 Months!

It is happening! I am so sad and so excited in the same breath. Our current house is under contract and our new house is all framed up. I have been putting off writing this post because I am so emotional about the changes that are coming. 

This post is just going to be a little introduction to what our new house is all about. If you know me very well at all you know that I have looked at these house plans no less than one million times since I got my hands on them; I have made a template for each room; and I have tried to come up with a way to maximize every inch of space in the house. 

Let's start with the house plans. Here they are: 
If you can't see them perfectly don't you worry... I will give you close-ups soon.

The good things:
  • The house is smaller = less to maintain, less time spent of me obsessing and decorating.
  • Since the house is smaller I get to spend my time obsessing over how to make the most efficient storage possible!!!
  • Each bedroom has a full bath.
  • It is just a couple blocks away from the library and other awesome downtown Davidson things!
  • The mortgage should be a good bit less expensive than our current house.
  • We are closer to Scott's parents.
  • We are closer to my mom who drives down frequently (the 6 hour drive turns into a 5 and a half hour drive).
  • There are 3 outdoor porches/decks.

The bad things:
  • We lose a lot of square footage.
  • We lose a bedroom.
  • There is practically no yard.
  • We are very close (in proximity) to our neighbors.
  • If we drive to Charlotte too close to rush hour the traffic is ridiculous.
  • No more awesome views of gorgeous trees, squirrel parties, and deer all over the place.
  • No more huge spacious deck to watch the things I listed in the last bullet point.

I am forgetting a thousand things, but this gives you a good idea of everything.

Here is a photo of Cora and Scott checking out the living room to one of the neighbor's houses, which is very very similar but not exactly the same as ours. They are in the living room.

Soon, I will give you a little run down of random things I am thinking about bringing into each room. (I am seriously considering a pulley system from the back deck to just outside the garage door. Scott thinks I am insane!!!).

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