Friday, May 3, 2013

Our House Is Chuggin' Along! And A Little White-Ish Granite Talk

Here comes a little house talk for you. Scott stopped by our house-to-be yesterday and took some photos.

This is the view from what will be Cora's room. It looks onto a main street in Davidson with restaurants and shops. The street isn't super busy and we think we are set back enough that we shouldn't hear too much of the hustle and bustle.

Now, onto the granite...
I had picked out Kashmir White granite for the kitchen. But, according to the lady at the granite warehouse, the government shut down the quarry that makes it. And that means Kasmir White is no more, for the time being at least.

Cora and I went on a field trip to the granite warehouse. 
Are you thinking I'm a crazy mom for taking my baby-toddler with me to an enormous building full of huge rocks? Despite the photos I promise I was careful. After her first granite-touching fun and a photo of it (top left) the rule was looking, but no touching. I was carrying her around 90% of the time. She really loved the whole experience. If it was her choice the granite warehouse would be her new playground. FYI- I do not recommend the baby-toddler-granite-warehouse-experience for any other parent. Wrangling a baby-toddler while you try to take photos and notes is not the easiest thing in the world.

We found a lovely substitute! It looks like Bianco Romano / Blanco Romano is the new winner. Here she is:

These were the runner-ups:

Millenium Cream (supposed to be very similar to Kashmir White, but cream):

Golden Fushion:

Dallas White:

Are you with me on my granite decision? Does anyone else have any recommendations for granite that comes in a white-ish tone, especially one that is similar to Kashmir White?

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


  1. mmmmmm, seeing you asked I will weigh in.
    Will it stain? I would have thought a darker color in case coffee mugs left standing leave a nice round circle stain. Don't know much about granite so it might not be a worry.
    They all look "fine"!! Seriously, I know how much time you put into the selection and it is perfect.
    Love the view from Cora's window.
    & yes I was nervous just looking at the photos but I know you would be super careful. Cora sure is getting some interesting field trips.

  2. I like the one you picked. I think you made the right choice! It also has the fanciest name. And it's awesome that Cora gets to go along on all these field trips. She's learning so much.

  3. Love the one you chose! very pretty! Staining shouldnt be a problem with granite so no worries with small children..
    Love the view as well!!