Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Organization Overhaul: Kitchen Tips & Tricks

It has been a while since Organization Overhaul (OO) has hit the pages of Never Listless. Organization is constantly on my mind especially since I am in major packing /purging/ decluttering mode for the upcoming big move.

I recently did some pretty intense kitchen decluttering. But let's go ahead and do what I love to do... let's turn this into a 2 part post!!! In this post I will show you some awesome kitchen organization ideas and items. Next time  in "OO: Kitchen" you get to see a bit of how the cabinets of my lovely kitchen changed in an attempt to be "house on the market ready." Oh you just hold your horses and try and wait for the excitement of that!

Let's start this bad boy off with some photos that are sure to make your eyes for ga-ga!

Beautiful and inspiring pantries!

If you don't have enough storage space, create some more! Put shelves all over the place.

Make your cabinet space efficient too!

Baking pan and large tray organization solution:

Did you know that you can turn false front drawers into storage for sponges, etc. It sounds like it might be a painfully hard project, but in case you decide to attempt it: here are some instructions.

this photo is from our new house! yay! we have false front storage!

Take your oatmeal, granola bars, and all of the other random things in your pantry out of their boxes and store them in fancy bins like this:

Go wild with spice organization! I have some sweeeeeeeeeeet pictures to inspire you to get your spice on.

image from "This Old House- Easy Upgrade Kitchen"

You have probably seen this idea before, but I am going to show it to you again because it is a good one!
Put a tension rod under your kitchen sink to hold all of your spray bottles.

or use a tension rod on the side!

A little chalkboard paint, anyone?

Towel bars to keep your pot lids out of the way! This is the best! Pot lids are constantly banging up our cabinets making all sorts of dings and bangs.

And, my last tip... put infrequently used stuff in lovely containers on top of the cabinets

Are you ready to go make your kitchen super efficient?

Just in case you are having a serious organization overload, check these posts out for more tips:

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