Monday, June 17, 2013

The Living Room Chronicles: Step 6: The Plant Tables And The Plants

Do you remember the time when I went wild for buying pallets? If not, you can read about my pallet-filled-car-drive-through experience here. Well, you will be happy to know that not a single piece of wood from those pallets was wasted. 

Scott loves plants and had always had visions of having a whole plant situation in our living room. We had to leave a little space behind our big Karlstad sectional because there is an air vent there. As soon as Scott saw that space, he knew what he had to do: build some super easy and not-so-sturdy tables out of pallets to house his plant collection. Soon after he decided this, those crafty folks over at YoungHouseLove built a snazzy table behind their own Karlstad sofa. Woo Hoo! This meant we now had fancy plans to follow! I thought that meant we would soon have our own snazzy little table too. But it turns out that even though they did a good job breaking down their plans they were still pretty darn far above our skill level. 

So, it was back to basic 6th grade carpentry skills (maybe more like 1st grade) for us. 

Here is what Scott came up with:

FYI- I took these photos during our packing stage, which is why there are no cushions on the sofa.

Here is how it looked with plants and cushions.

Here are the rest of the steps of The Living Room Chronicles:
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  1. Very impressive! You definitely got your money's worth from those pallets!!