Monday, June 3, 2013

Packing Up A Storm!

I love the idea of packing. Getting a chance to go through all of my stuff, purge and group things that should be together together makes me giddy. 

My problem is that I start out with the best intentions, doing great work. When the count-down hits 24 hours, I start breaking out the cheap-o plastic bags and throwing everything in at the last minute with a bit of the "I'll deal with it later mentality." This leaves me with 90% of my stuff packed awesomely and the rest looks like it belongs to a crazy lady.

Right now, we have about 36 hours until we have to be totally out and I would say we are about 95% packed. And, the good thing about it is that that 95% is awesomely packed (well for the most part). 

This isn't over yet, but the hardest part has been packing up breakables and being certain that they won't end up in a million pieces. The 2nd hardest part is packing up the last 5%. We had a huge selection of boxes thanks to thoughtful family and friends (and thanks to the fact that I am a box-hoarder). But, we are down to the odd shaped boxes that don't seem to fit anything I have left. Also, the first 95% was packed like with like. We are down to much more random with random.

Here are some photos of our packing madness. 

All of Cora's toys are now in the kitchen. She thinks it is a little fantastic and is really excited about her discovery that she can get to both sides of her kitchen. Excuse the mess, Cora usually cleans up her play area before bed, but things are a bit crazy town over here right now.

Can you believe that anyone has this much stuff? I had no idea we did!

Every little thing makes me sad right now. I gave Cora her last bath at this house. Scott made his last meals (he made bunches of it so we would have left overs for the next 36 hours). 

I hope to be back Wednesday!

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