Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Master Bedroom Gets A Master Makeover

Ughhhh go ahead and lower your expectations. The "master makeover" that I speak of is pretty much just setting it up exactly like it was at the old house. I was going to break these updates into two separate posts but let's get wild and combine it into one!

A couple of weeks ago I gave you the run-down on the progress the room had made so far, including a shot of it looking super organized on move-in day:

This is actually a pretty decent looking before photo compared to a lot of the other craziness that was happening in our house. After a couple of days of unpacking and organizing we were left with this:

I didn't give you a to-do list for this master bedroom because it seemed like there wasn't all that much to do. But everyone knows that you can make a to-do list out of anything. 
So, here it is:
  • put up blinds
  • put up headboard
  • hang art above bed
  • hang art between windows
  • hang art between door and bathroom
  • hang art between closet doors
  • paint
  • switch out TV stand for a dresser
  • put a clothes rack up on the back of the door
  • redo both closets
Wooooo! The to-do list is just running away. That thing is almost done! Let's take a look at the progress.

First the blinds went up. This happened within the first few days of moving in because the neighbors on either side of us are really really close. I will not include individual photos because we all know what blinds look like. We bought the Levalor custom-cut blinds from Lowes and have been happy with them. We haven't taken off all of the extra slats yet but I don't expect it to be a big deal. 

Then Scott and I had one incredibly productive night and got the master bedroom looking pretty good. The headboard went up:

Art went up above the headboard:
These pictures still need to be straightened out a bit but, by the time we had hung them, we both decided it was bedtime and we were happy just to have the pictures off the floor.

Some more art went up:
This frame used to hold some Van Gogh photos in our old master bedroom. I decided to upgrade the masterpiece with a little potato stamp art by Van Laura.

The baby will be in our room for a good while. Because of that I wanted to optimize our storage for him. So, I changed out the TV stand that I bought many years ago at Goodwill for about $7 (and am still very fond of).

  I switched it for a nice dresser from Ikea. The Hemnes 3 drawer, to be exact.

Next week, I am going to write a post about exactly how we are planning to fit a baby in the master bedroom.

I didn't get a chance to take a photo of the drying rack. So, I will share that exciting laundry-related photo with you in the next master bedroom update for you.


  1. I forgot to comment on the potato art....very nice!
    You know what, you are going to do fine with a baby and a 2 year old, if I can you can! You are amazing and can handle moving. a job, redecorating and entertaining a 2 yr old and soon a baby. When they all nap you should too!