Monday, October 28, 2013

Nursery In A Closet Update #3: The Shelves Go Up And Get Decorated!

It is time to take another peak into my baby's nursery in a closet!

So far, we've:
Now, it is time to talk about some storage. We are going shelf city up in here!

Ikea sells some plain white brackets for 50 cents a piece. I have not been able to find anything that beats that. Considering the number of shelves I have put up in this house, inexpensive brackets are very important. I bought 6 Ikea Ekby Stodis brackets (aka the fiddy centers) and I hit up my local Lowes for some wood cutting help.

Tada! I was left with 3 shelves that fit perfectly in the baby's closet in a nursery. I have hung enough shelves that I ought to be able to do it blind-folded but something about the angle of the shelves, the tight-fitting crib, and my fairly massive belly made this task one of the most frustrating projects I have faced in a while. 
This photo shows a little piece of how annoyed I was:

After plenty of grumping around, lots of complaining, and a few attempts to give up completely I finally finished. Now, it was time to do one of my favorite things: decorate the shelves! So, I went basket shopping around the house and I came up with a few baskets that didn't quite make the cut for the living room storage (not yet pictured), a mini tower of drawers, and a piggy bank that my mom bought for the new baby. I'm counting the piggy bank as storage since it will be storing moo-lah. 

My mom, Cora, and I took a stroll through The Dollar Tree and all I ended up with were a couple of blue plastic bins (... and some Elmo soap, and a few sticker packs). 

A trip to Michaels & Target supplied me with the three perfect binss to finish off those pretty shelves:

I busted out the pretty paper, yarn, and a hole punch and added a tag to each bin mainly so I wouldn't have to try to explain to Scott where things were.
And, I made some Pretty Little Tags!

Step 1: I traced a circle 5 times on pretty paper and cut it out

Step 2: Hole punch city
Step 3: String yarn through the hole and attach with tape or through a hole in the basket
Step 4: Admire!

Here is what I ended up with:

More views?
You got it!

I love it! It really makes me happy!

Next week is the finishing touches: a cute fish mobile and some DIY hangers.


  1. You are so clever! I don't know why but I got all teary looking at this post. I think it somehow reminded me of my mother!
    I'm glad you kept going with the shelves they look great. Now would you please relax and let that baby come.
    That is a snug little nursery and he will love it.

  2. Woo hoo! You are the storage master!!