Monday, October 7, 2013

Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner (A Look Into Our Strange Nursery Situation)

I'm sure you remember that line from Dirty Dancing, "Nobody puts baby in the corner." Well, lucky for us our new baby will not be going in the corner. He will, however, be living it up in the closet. Ehhhhh let me explain before you start getting judgy on me.

Here is our weird little secret: the baby will have a home in one of our two master bedroom closets. As I have told you many times before we really downsized with this last move. We lost a bedroom, lots of square footage, and lots of storage space. So, the baby will stay in the master bedroom with Scott and I until he can sleep through the night. Then he gets to share a room with his big sister. We don't plan on this house being our forever home. When our kids are old enough that sharing a room with someone of the opposite sex might be weird we will reassess our living situation. Back to the point, yes... we are going to have a baby in the closet. It is a fairly big closet- not quite a walk-in but much deeper than a normal closet. I am going to dress it up and I hope to make it feel like a cozy little (teeny tiny) room. The doors to the closet will be open most of the time, maybe always. I know this is not a traditional sleeping arrangement but it is what will work for us and we are OK with that.

I am still going to dress the closet up like it is an actual nursery even though it will pretty much only fit the crib inside it.

I ordered enough of this fabric to cover the back wall of the closet nursery.

I bought this cute crocheted fish mobile off Etsy:

I have some shelves going up on one of the side walls and the other side wall will have a bunch of frames with random pictures... not sure exactly what yet. There might be some laura-made fish art or some fish illustrations from kids books.

There might even be a couple of Cora-made art going up! These days, I have quite the collection to pick from.

Scott painted the walls grey, but there will be lots of fun colors to make it more fun! I'm getting excited!


  1. Baby is coming soon! Can't wait to see the finished nursey :)

  2. It is going to be Awesome, that baby will love it!
    Love the fish fabric.

  3. LOVE THE FABRIC! no judging here, sweet Ruby girl slept in our room till she was 6 months old right next to this spazy momma & I would totally do it again in a heart it UP!!! --Mali

    1. yay! you are a spazzy mama! cant wait to catch up soon!