Monday, November 4, 2013

Nursery In A Closet Update #4: The Last Decorations Go Up!

Today is my due date! I wrote this post a couple of weeks ago knowing that I would probably have too much going on today to write a blog post. 

This nursery in a closet makes me very happy! There are just a couple of things left for me to write about and I am going to cover most of them today.

The Crocheted Fish Mobile (purchased here)!
Isn't she lovely?!?!

I tried hanging it with this ribbon first:

But I was not in love so I ended up with this one:

Would you like a few more fish mobile photos? I hope the answer is yes!

I also made some little hangy type things. I mainly made them because the space seemed a little unbalanced to me. At first, I was looking for some sea-themed hooks that were fun and playful like the dog tail hooks that we had in Cora's old nursery

I found a whale tail hook that was great but too expensive for such a tiny thing
I found a few other options but they all were either too expensive or too big. So, I went hook shopping in my house and came up with a few small canvases and some scrapbook paper.
This photo is pretty ridiculous... I didn't realize that my belly had made its way into the shot until I downloaded this photo and tried to figure out what in the world it was.

  • I painted the sides of my canvases blue

  • Traced the size of the canvas on the scrapbook paper and cut it out

  • Then I glued the paper onto the canvas and added hooks. Isn't this paper perfect!?! It matches the fish fabric wall so well.

And here is how they came out!
The baby will not sleep in the crib long enough to be able to pull himself up to a standing position and access those hooks. If he is anywhere near that point those hooks will be long gone.

I'm not sure exactly what I will hang on them. Clothes, toys? Here are a couple of random possibilities:

You have now seen all of the parts of this nursery in a closet come together. I may drag this out into one more blog post with a full on photo shoot. Maybe there will even be a new little baby hanging out in the shoot. It would not be difficult to get a bigger little baby toddler to hang out in there for some photos. That girl thinks every baby item that comes back on the scene is the coolest new toy in the world.

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  1. It looks great! I'm very impressed with the canvases/hooks. I didn't realize you'd made those from scratch. You are a clever girl!!

  2. You are a very clever girl. Now all I want to see is a little baby boy in that closet. He is one lucky little guy!

  3. There sure is a lot going on in that little closet!

  4. super cute!!! I'm with your Mama on this...I want to see that cute little baby boy in that sweet crib!!! xoxoxooxox