Monday, November 18, 2013

Lighting Lighting Lighting!

Wahooooo! The lights are up and looking good on our main level. We have been putting it into overdrive trying to get our house looking good before we take off lots of time to figure out how people manage to have 2 children. (ps I really ought to have 2 children by now. If I don't that means that I am 2 weeks past my due date. But I wrote this post a week and some change before my the new baby is due so who knows!).

Let's take a look at the lighting process:
When we moved in we had the regular builder-grade lighting. I do believe that the super technical term for these fellas is "boob lighting" although I usually go to extremes to avoid saying it.

Their Replacement:

Here they are Replaced:
Before & After In The Hall:

The Living Room:


I like these lights a thousand times better but I think they are missing something. I finally realized what it was... a lot of drum lights like this have a little nipple in the middle of them (sorry for all the chesty references today, but I swear this time it really is the technical term).
Here is an example:

Eventually (this one is getting put on back burner number 500) I plan to DIY a little nipple for these ladies

Are you all lighted out yet? Hold your horses there are still 2 more 2nd level lighting switcheroos coming your way. But you are going to have to wait because this post is getting looooooooooooooong. I hope to see you back next week!


  1. And you do have 2 children now..woo hoo!
    Love all the lights you have installed. Your house is looking good, curtains, lights, blinds and a baby!

  2. Love these!!! And I can't wait to meet that big baby!!!!!