Monday, November 11, 2013

Introducing The Cubby Hole Under The Stairs!

When we first moved into this house I showed you a glimpse of one of my favorite parts of the house, Cora's cubby hole under the stairs.

While the house was being built I showed you my plans for the Cora's playroom under the stairs. I am obviously obsessed with this type of space because when I was little one of my favorite toys was a staircase from my Fisher Price dollhouse that had a secret cubby under it.

I even wrote a whole post about it. And, another one about hide-y holes around the house.

Cora was excited about the idea of the cubby hole from day one. Every time we would check the house out while it was under construction Cora would run to her cubby hole to check it out.

My dad installed a doorbell for Cora that she thought was pretty fantastic!

We put her kitchen in there along with a little table and 2 chairs.

Then, I went shelf-wild. I wanted to make sure the storage was maximized.

I put up a mirror that I found floating around the house. Doing so made Cora refer to the kitchen as her bathroom kitchen for about a week. I guess bathrooms are the only place in our house that we have mirrors right now.

I put some hooks under one of the shelves for all of Cora's bags. Any time a random bag makes its way into our house she immediately tries to hijack it. She refers to all bags as her "work bag" and likes to load up as many as possible on her shoulder at one time. She decided one of her bags is Scott's work bag. Every once in a while when he is leaving for work she will run to get it for him and she will laugh to herself about how crazy it is that he could have almost left it behind had she not reminded him.

Whenever I come across a picture that I think Cora might like up on her cubby hole wall or someone sends her a postcard I put that up on the wall too. It is beginning to feel quite homey!

There are a couple more things that I would like to do in her cubby hole but, for now, I am checking it off the list.

I spent a lot of time looking around for cubby hole inspiration. Cora's didn't turn out like any of the ones below but in case you found this blog while looking for ideas for playrooms under the stairs, here were some of my favorites:


  1. I like Cora's the best! It looks fantastic--great job!

  2. I love what you have done with the cubby and it is one of Cora's fav. places to hang out. She is just a neat as her mother. Maybe there can be a work bench added later as a change of pace from all that cooking.

  3. I hope I get an invite to play in the cubby when I visit.

  4. So cute!!! I love it!!! I want to visit the cubby too!