Monday, July 15, 2013

Second Floor Plans, Part 3: The Under-The-Stairs Kiddie Cubby Hole

Welcome back to another edition of floor plans and ideas for the new house!

Do you all remember a few months ago I posted a photo of one of my favorite toys when I was little? It was a Fisher-Price staircase from a dollhouse with a little cubby hole underneath. Well, that cubby hole is about to become real life fun for my sweet little baby-toddler!

FYI, that was not my first post about secret cubby holes. I also wrote this one about cool hidden places in houses. I love it!

I knew I wanted to turn the storage space under the stairs into a little area for Cora. It was hard to convince Scott that this was a good idea because storage space is precious at our new house. I think that after he saw how much Cora loved her own little door and the Cora-sized space behind it he knew it was the thing to do.

I plan to put her kitchen in there along with plenty of shelves for toys and books. If there is room I would love to put a little reading nook in there.

Here are some neat under the stair reading nooks that I've found.

Here are some cool stair-cubby-hole-fronts. I will definitely not get this fancy, but I think they are pretty cool.

There is a slight possibility of one day adding a window to the cubby hole, but I am doubtful.

Here are a couple more inspiration pictures:

I'm pretty sure this one is under the stairs. Wherever it lies it is an awesomely awesome combination of playroom and storage!

Yay for pretty storage!

Would you like to know something that makes me happier than anyone could ever understand? I told the builder my plans to open up the shallow bit of storage space that they always close up and he said he would do it himself! So happy! His plans were better. He will make it look better and I don't have to do it myself. Yay! I hate the idea of all that wasted storage space mocking me behind the wall. There are so many things that I could hide back there!

This photo may not mean much to you now, but it is of the extra space that the builder opened up for me!

I also added extra outlet in cubby hole so we can put a little lamp in there... maybe even some cute strings of lights.

In case you want to use that fantastic extra under the stairs storage space for something else, here are a few other fabulous ideas:

Another cool desk possibility:

I hope you all have a happy happy Monday! I hope to be back at least once more this week with some fascinating things for you!

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  1. These are some great ideas! I particularly liked the one with the window and flower box. Cora will love her cubby hole.