Monday, July 1, 2013

First Floor Plans, Part 6: Scott's Office Closet & The Stand-Up/ Sit-Down Treadmill Desk

Heyyyyyyyyyyy! Welcome back to Floor Plan! I apologize that I only wrote one post last week. It was vacation time and there did not seem be a spare minute to finish any of the one million posts that I have written to 75% completion. 

The good news is that TODAY IS THE DAY that you will stop hearing about the first floor plans. I cannot possibly drag this on any longer. And, I am really excited to start talking about the second and third floors.

Last week, I showed you a bit of Scott's office closet. It is going to be fancy. There will be standing. There will be sitting. There will be treadmill-ing. There will be storage. And, yes, there will be a valet rod for guest's clothes. 

Here is the plan that Scott drew for his space and the labels that I added.

Scott and I did plenty of research when looking for the perfect stand-up/ sit-down desk for him. Scott specifically asked me not to waste my time looking for things for him, but it would have been impossible for me to not get involved in it. In his internet research Scott found a few things that inspired him.

Here are some photos and links for others who might be interested in having their own stand-up desk:

ps it should be noted that most of the photos are of things that I thought were cool and that may not have been Scott's cup of tea.

Here is a video of a guy who made a stand-up treadmill desk.

Lots of photos of stand-up desks from here:

Ikea Hackers like to spend their time hacking Expedits and other Ikea furniture into stand-up desks.

This is a great tutorial on how to build an adjustable standing desk.

Here is a blogger who likes the sitting/ standing/ treadmill situation..

While Scott chose to look to others for ideas, I took the route of drawing awesome pictures of how I thought the set-up should be. And, you know I used my favorite program, Microsoft Paint.

ehhhh... I think we all know that the illustration below only makes sense to me. 

That is how I will end the stand-up sit-down portion of closet central.

As for what the rest of the closet will be used for... I plan to use just about every spare inch that he doesn't need. If the space ends up being anything like my crazy day dreams of it, it will be one major extravaganza of efficient storage. I will also have a shelf or two where guests can keep their things. There will be some sort of valet rod that hangs down for a shelf for our guest's hangable items.

Here is a closeup of the space from the plans. The dimensions are 6' 10" by 6' 2". Not too shabby!

And that, my dear friends, concludes the first floor. 

Here are all 6 parts to that fabulous level. Ugh it is ridiculous that it took me 6 sections to complete this.

Part 1: The porch, the foyer, and the garage
Part 2: The bathroom
Part 3: The massage room/ guest bedroom
Part 4: Decorating the stairs

Part 5: Scott's office closet, Part 1
Part 6: Scott's office closet, Part 2

I also want to wish a belated happy birthday to one of my BFFs!


  1. Your posts inspired me to use my roll-top desk as a standing desk today. It feels pretty good, but I can't do it for a full 8 hours yet. But I think I'll keep working this way for at least part of the day.