Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Second Floor Plans, Part 2: The Kitchen

Hey heyyyyyyyyyy! I am here! 2 posts this week. How about that?!?!!

It is time to explore the 2nd floor again!

On Monday, we took a look at the kitchen. And, today, we are going to take a look at... the kitchen!

A few months ago, I wrote a post about organizing tips in the kitchen. In that post, I included gorgeous pantries, secret storage behind doors, tidy spice collections, and some neat tips to keep your cabinets organized. You can go ahead and assume that one day, all of those beautifully organized bits and pieces will be a part of my kitchen. The year may be 2030 when that happens, but it is going to happen. Until, I show you all that snazziness that is my 2030 kitchen, I thought I would show you some of my realistic ideas and expectations.

Our kitchen comes with 2 of those little flip-out drawers under the sink! Hello hello hidden sponges and scrubby brushes. Also, hello to a possibly not-so-easy place to clean.

Our kitchen pantry comes with pretty deep shelves. And, you had better believe that I am going to use every inch. The pantry comes with wire shelves and I am going to line those bad boys up nicely with some foam board and pretty contact paper, much like these 2 bloggerinos did:

The lining project is one that I am ready to get started on now, before we move in. But those smarty pants builders locked the door of our soon-to-be home and I can't get in to measure.

We had an electrical outlet put in our pantry for things like dustbusters. We might even use it for apliances that we use somewhat often but aren't too messy and that we don't want out on the counter.

I bought two of these pendant lights from Home Depot on a super sale months ago. I plan to spray paint them... not sure of the color yet. And, we will have them hung or try ourselves eventually.

I also added an extra outlet at the bar top because, in our last house, that was our major computering spot. The exciting talk about bar stools will come in the dining room post(s).

Here are some of the photos from my kitchen organization post that I hope to use in our new house before the year 2030:

I installed one of these shelf dividers in our last house and loved it!
The cabinet that will be above our fridge has about a foot of wasted space behind it. There is a chance that I may open up the back of the cabinet and let long storage hang over. Is anyone following me?

This is such a good idea for wasted space. And, I love that with this you get to get rid of messy boxes are probably practically empty!

Who doesn't love this idea?

Baskets on top of cabinets. I think it looks great! And, yay for extra storage! 

A magnetic message board inside the cabinet door! wooooooo hooo! This could help the constant stream of little sheets of scrap paper that I have floating around my house. 

No more banging pot lids and pans all over the place! 

I am going to bin-it-up in my lazy susan, much like this bin-loving-fool did:

The kitchen drawers are super deep. I am not complaining, but what do I do with all the space behind the utensil holder? I can't waste a millimeter of storage space in this house. That might be a good place for the corn holders that get used once every 3 years.

One more thing before we wrap up the kitchen!

I bought this fancy tilt-out hamper on sale from Home Decorator's Collection. I plan to use it as a trash can. If it is too small then it becomes a hamper in the hallway upstairs.

Well, there she is! The kitchen chapter is closed for now. I hope to see you back here soon for some more of my brain dumps.

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  1. Great ideas! Bet you are getting super excited to move into your new home!