Monday, July 8, 2013

Second Floor Plans, Part 1: The Kitchen

I can't believe that I finally finished my ideas for the first floor last week. It seemed like I might drag that on for the rest of my blog life.

As usual, I would like to apologize for the lack of posts recently. We are still not really into a routine yet and Cora has decided to show off her unsleeping skills to the maximum. (Shhhh everyone knows that "unsleeping skills" is a real term). So, these days, if I can get one post out per week I am happy. The good news is that I have lots and lots and lots of ideas for future posts. As soon as the time presents itself for me to write them we all will be sitting pretty in a blog-reading-daze.

Back to the show... The Second Floor! I am not going to even guess at how many posts it is going to take me to finish my ideas for the second floor.

Here is the floor plan for floor numero dos:

Even though this is not the most logical place to start, let's begin our floor plan party in the kitchen because that seems the easiest to me.

The layout is a lot smaller than we are used to and we will definitely miss having 2 sinks and lots of counter space for Scott to cook on, but we think it should still work really well for us.

One reason that I wanted to start in the kitchen is because it is already set. I don't have to decide the layout or pick out any other immediate options. I have so many different ideas and options for the living room and dining room that we will wait and see how we use the space before we buy furniture or do much decorating. What I do know is that we spend A LOT of time in the kitchen and in the rooms closest to it. Scott cooks all the time and Cora and I like to be near that cool dude so the kitchen area becomes our gathering area

In our old house, we moved our kitchen table to gain a play area for chair and a spot for a comfy chair that was right across the bar-top from the main cooking stage.

Here are a few really old photos of Cora playing in the kitchen play area:

In this house, we haven't figured out if our main kitchen-groupie hang-out area will be in the dining room or living room.

Here is what I do know about the kitchen:
We went with dark cabinets, the color is called Kona and it is made by Merillat. The cabinets are really tall and will give us lots of storage space (not as much as our old house, but close enough).

The granite that we went with is called Bianco Romano Granite. It has already been installed and I have to say that even though I am not a granite machine, I really like it!

For now, we are happy with the 4" granite backsplash, but we may eventually change it out for something more substantial and a bit our style. Strangely enough, I haven't even started thinking about what tile we may put in its place so I don't have any pictures for you. When we get more serious about it, you know I will waste lots of your time with all the ideas running through my brain.

We paid for more updates in this house than cheap-skates like us normally would. One of our most expensive updates was getting a gas line run into the house for the stove. As I said earlier, Scott spends lots of time in the kitchen. I finally convinced him that it would be worth the extra money to cook on something that he really enjoyed cooking on. And, it is a pretty fancy-dancy looking stove:

image from here

We have to buy our own fridge. The builder recommended a counter-depth fridge and they tend to be a bit pricier than standard refrigerators. We decided that it was worth the extra money not to have our kitchen be cramped up with fridge sticking 4 extra inches out into the middle of it. It turns out that the 4th of July weekend is the best time all year to buy a fridge. So, woo hoo for timing finally working out on our side. We considered going really fancy dancy on the fridge too and getting a french door type. It would have been more than double the price of a side by side fridge and we decided it wasn't worth it.

What an exciting way to start out the 2nd floor. I am going to try my hardest to get 2 posts in this week. So, just hold your horses and wait for what exciting things might be coming your way!

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