Monday, September 2, 2013

Progress! Man In The Mirror!

I hate to start another post with an apology but that is what is going to happen. I am sorry for the lack of posts recently. I decided that getting settled into the new house and trying to reduce the crazy box collections everywhere was more important than fighting to get a couple of blog posts up. Also, my laptop had been on its last legs for a long time and those legs finally crumbled. On top of it all, my little baby toddler turned 2! So, I focused a lot of attention on celebrating and potty training and other fun things!

Back to the subject at hand... my house and the progress we have made. I am going to start slowly. How about I just show you a mirror going up in the bathroom today? Don't push me. In a couple of days we might look at where Scott's stand-up treadmill desk is or check out some newly installed pendant lighting. You may even get to see the ol' Murphy Bed still sitting in pieces around our house.

Bathroom mirror time!
Here is the bathroom while it was being built:

Here is the pedestal sink that came with the house:
ps that isn't The Man In The Mirror- that is me a few months before I got pregnant. If you saw a photo of me now you would notice a difference.

Here is the sink we bought for them to put in instead:


Since they changed out the pedstal sink as a favor to us we didn't ask them to install the mirror too. Scott did that about after we moved in. Here it is:


I didn't post for 2 weeks and I came back and wowed you beyond belief, didn't I? Sorry! The stand-up post that is coming next week is sure to be more interesting!

Here is a sneak peak of Cora's cubby hole:

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