Monday, February 17, 2014

Nursery In A Closet Gets A Tenant!

I introduced you to the newest resident of 123 Nursery In A Closet Ave. recently... Sir August Connor Spencer.

Today, we are going MTV Cribs up in here. August himself wants to show you around his new digs.

He has requested that, before we show it to you, we tidy it up a bit from every day living. So I will first show it looking spiffy.
FYI picking out which photos to use with August in them might be one of the hardest things I've ever done. I love that little bitty bundle and I think he looks super adorable in all of them!
ps please ignore the gross stuff on the front of his crib... I pulled the information sticker off of our crib and it left some funky residue. I need to do a little Goo Gone action to it but haven't had time to look for a less potent alternative.

Here's another shot of the fabric wall and the fish mobile.

Here are the little clothes and toy hangers I made: 

You may not be able to tell but August is showing off some cool dance moves below.

He is especially fond of the super organized basket situation above his crib.

Ahhh I love organized baskets! 

One more: 

Yeah, I'm just chillin' in my pad.

I often find August staring up at the art work reading about seals and walruses and thinking about what a great artist his sister is.

As I have already let on, August's abode does not always look so spiffy. Next, let's take a look at it in the everyday world:
I had to make a couple of changes in order for his shack to be ready to get Cribbed-Out. First, I had to get the lobster picture that Cora made and the dolphin picture to stay up. I had initially used tape but the pictures were constantly falling through. I fixed it by stabbing some little holes through the pictures and the cardboard-covered fabric. Then I put some of my old earring studs in and fastened them in the back. Tada! The pictures now stay put!

Next, I had to remove all of the toys and stuffed animals that Cora brings into his crib on an hourly basis. Cora loves to assign people dolls. Scott is the princess, Tiana. I am Cinderella, amongst a million other animals, dolls, fingers (I usually get to be her thumb), etc. Cora's favorite thing to do is find a group of items and assign them all as mom, dad, Cora, August, Kelly, Gram, Grandad, Suzan, Pop, Bu, Wren, Uncle Rick, and Aunt Jennifer. If you have recently visited you usually make the list for a while. Then she makes sure that she calls you by one of the names that she has assigned you. For example, I have been called nothing other than Rosita (a Sesame Street character) for the last month. Slip ups are surprisingly rare. August is Elmo, Princess Belle, a pig and a few others. So those dolls are often found on his crib.

Lots of junk underneath the crib, the basket of too big clothes is overflowing, his crib is full of toys that Cora thinks he needs.

In this photo you can kind of see the Belle doll that Cora slipped into August's crib. There is also a random bunny that she thought he might like.

Ahhh look at that sweet little sleeper!

That concludes another edition of Cribs. Sorry August doesn't have any fancy cars or bling to show off yet!

You may ask the question, "Why did we put our baby in a closet?" Well, my friend, that is a good question. And, I answered it in detail in this post: Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner (A Look Into Our Strange Nursery Situation)

If you want to know more details about how August got such a fancy-looking closet check out the links below.
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  1. He looks perfectly content in his fancy-looking closet. There are so many stories that go with getting that closet ready, I'm sure he will love hearing them all when he get older. He is the sweetest little guy around, I love all his photos! So nice of Cora to
    share he special toys.

  2. so cute!!! Love August's crib!! Its so cool how much he looks like Cora did as a baby..miss you :)