Monday, February 10, 2014

The Magnet Board Comes To Town, Part 2

Last Monday you got to check out how we made our new fancy dancy magnet board with the help of my parents! Now it's time to show it off a bit more and tell you about how we use it.

In case you forgot what that little door in the middle leads to it is Cora's cubby hole.

After my dad put in lots of hard work building the magnet board he wanted to do the fun stuff and spell out some words on the board for Cora.

We surprised Cora with the magnet board after she returned home from preschool. She loved it and immediately started giving out letters. In this photo she is insisting that cameraman dad take the letter D.

Usually, the magnet board has capital letters and lowercase letters on it.

You can often find a totally naked doll floating around our house. Dressing and undressing dolls and giving them pretend showers and baths is one of her favorite things ever.

Sometimes we bust out the Eric Carle flash cards and match the letters up to the animals.

The other way we use this board is by playing the "Chasing Letter Game." It is one of Cora's favorites and I like it because she gets exercise while she learns her letters. We have all of the capital letters down now but the lowercase ones are tricky. 

The complex game goes like this: I say, "Go find the letter G [or whatever letter I choose]" and Cora races to get it as I run after her screaming, "I'm gonna get you." Then she runs a lap or two around the kitchen and hallway and we play again. Tada! I may contact the Olympic committee to see if they are interested in it for the summer Olympics.

Yay for magnets! Yay for fun!

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  1. She does love her magnet board! I love that you have managed to create fun areas for learning in your house that fit in with the rest of your decorating.