Monday, February 24, 2014

The Magnet Board's Friend, Chalky Boarderson Comes To Town

The time has come to take a little peak a boo at where the chalkboard message center from our old house ended up at our new house.

We had a yellow chalkboard in Cora's room at our old house but it didn't quite fit into her new room.

 I finally found a home for it near her cubby hole and magnet board.

Here is the soon-to-be new home for the chalkboard:

And here is the chalkboard in place:
Bam. It was just that easy!

This is the Luns message center from Ikea. It comes in a neutral wood color. Scott had painted it yellow for Cora's old room and luckily, it worked perfectly in the space. Looking at these photos makes me realize how excited I will be when we finally get around to painting our house.

I used the hangers that they provided to hang the chalkboard but I added a screw into the stud for added stability. You can see the screw down toward the lower right-hand corner.

We use the letters from the magnet board for this chalkboard too. Cora got a bunch of foam magnets from Santa this past Christmas that have random objects on them. Sometimes I will put one of the magnets on the chalkboard and ask Cora to find the letter that the object starts with. She likes that game OK but what she really likes to do with the magnets is get the queen, the x-ray man, and the doll and pretend that they are a family. Then she gets the blanket and tucks them in for naps and bedtime. She feeds them the food from the magnets and gives me showers and baths even though there are no magnets for that.

Cora's other favorite thing to do with her magnets is to get the lower case "I" and "J" and pretend they are ice cream cones. Somehow the combination of lowercase "H" and "L" is also an ice cream cone.

That little lady has an imagination like no other. We don't need even need any toys. I think she would rather pretend things are here than them actually be here.

And now you know the exciting history of the magnet board and her friend, Chalky Boarderson. I will try to keep things a bit more mind-blowing for you in the future.


  1. Altho, the addition of a little girl or boy in the photos is always appreciated!