Monday, December 23, 2013

Happy Holidays!!!! It's Family Time!

Happy happy holidays! The last month has been crazy town around here. I am very glad that I got a bunch of posts ready to go up each week before I had the baby because there is no way it was happening otherwise. Things are starting to settle down just a little bit. So I thought I would drop in with a little holiday cheer for you.

The Grinch! Not so cheery but at least it is festive. 

"Christmas in Davidson" is a big celebration where we live. They have a couple of weekends full of activities, a parade, a dog costume show, tap dancing older ladies... they do it up big here! We took Cora and August out for one of the evenings and had a wonderful time. Cora got to meet the Grinch. She wasn't so sure about him but it was the highlight of the night. She talked about him nonstop after that.

She got to see Santa in the parade.

She also got to meet Santa at a Cookies with Santa event.

August took part in all of these events but he pretty much spent it all snoozing in my arms or Moby wrap.
There was a trolley offering free rides right outside our house so we took them up on it. And there is August in the Moby wrap.

And here is that little dude sleeping in my arms during the parade. 

Oh... and on that note- August is my son! He was born 11 days late and used every second of those 11 days to grow into one massive 9pound 15ounce monsterous baby. We think he's pretty awesome.

Cora likes him too!

I hope you have the happiest holidays ever!!!


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    1. What nice Christmas photos! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!