Monday, December 16, 2013

Dining Room Update: Organized Play Area, Rug, Art, Etc

Months ago I showed you my initial plans for dining room. Then we added some pendant lighting. I gave you your first real look at the dining room. And, I kept you in the loop with a dining room lighting updateLINK

There have been a few changes in the last couple of months so let's check them out!

Since your last look at the dining room we have:
  • Added a rug
  • Updated the lighting
  • Done some major toy organizing and added a few more 1970s and 1980s Fisher Price Little People toys. Cora's Grandmama held onto ALL of our old toys. All of my life I thought she was a bit crazy for doing so but I have to say they are, by far, Cora's favorite toys. Tightwad Scott and I even tried to buy some more off of Ebay for her for Christmas but our tightwad limit maxed out when the bidding got over $50. In this process I also ditched the random boxes and books that were in the Expedit shelving bench.
  • Added a throw blanket that I am hoping will tie the whole 2nd level together
  • Added a little pillow/ dog house area
  • Put a couple of pictures on the wall

At night, Scott likes to have fun rearranging Cora's toys. His favorite thing to do is put all of her figurines on together so it looks like they have bizarre heads. Cora immediately fixes them in the morning saying things like "ohhhh Daaaaad this isn't how they go" over and over. 

Here is what is coming soon to the dining room:
  • curtains!
  • roller blinds (woo hoo)
  • DIY cornices to cover the roller blinds.
  • And, in the not so near future: paint!


  1. Oh DAAAAD!!!
    I've seen what you have done and spoiler alert - it looks great!

  2. Lookin great!!! That last photo of the messed up toys is pretty funny. Good one, Scot.