Monday, December 30, 2013

Introducing The Big Girl Room

Since Cora is not the baby anymore I guess I can't call her room the nursery. She calls herself a big girl so I guess I will too! We have been living in our new house for over 4 months now and I still haven't showed you Cora's room.

Your lucky day = Today!

Photos Of The Room Before Moving In:
Cora came on the final walk through with us and thought her closet was just about the coolest place in the world, especially for gymnastics moves and push-ups.

Here are some views of her actual room:

I worked hard on Cora's room early on to make it a nice livable space and then I slowed my roll like crazy. There is still plenty left to do. I cannot wait to get some paint up in this house!

Here is the to do list for her room:

  • Reassemble all furniture
  • Hang art above day bed
  • Hang floating shelves above dresser
  • Hang blinds
  • Hang curtains
  • Hang more art in her room
  • Paint
  • Maybe paint the back of her tall Ikea Billy bookcase a fun color
  • Touch up all furniture (the move was hard on it)
  • Organize the bookshelves

It should be noted that even though I am calling this "The Big Girl Room" Cora is still sleeping in her crib. We tried the Big Girl Bed but gave up after a few nights. We will try again when things have settled down with the new baby.

Here is Cora seeing her room all furnished for the first time:
She was so super excited! It was better than Christmas morning. There was squealing and a ridiculous amount of "Oh Man"s coming out of her mouth.

Withing the next few weeks, we got the room a bit more organized.

Next, we added a tall Billy Bookcase from Ikea.

That bookshelf was a mess for a long time. Even Cora was recognizing it with some subtle "Mom, that is a big mess" comments here and there.

Would you like to know what motivated me to get it a little more organized?
I put all of my kids/ young adult books in there including a box of Baby Sitter's Club books that brought me up to about book #55. The box also included some sweet Baby Sitter's Club Super Specials (pictured below in the blurry back row).

But that was not the only thing I found in the box. Does anyone remember that there used to be such a thing as New Kids On The Block Trading Cards? Well, it turns out that there was. It also turns out that I must have had all of them. And one more fact for you: They are unbelievably awesome! Just check out Jordan Knight below.

In case you didn't guess these cards were what motivated me to organize the bookcase. I couldn't wait to find out what other gems might be hiding among the books.

Here is the slightly more organized Billy bookcase:

And, some more views of the whole room: 

And the room's owner makes a few guest appearances for you. 

There you have it!
There have actually been a few more items checked off the to-do list at the time that I am writing this. But 27 photos is way too many photos. So, just you wait another month or so and I will get you some updates!

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