Monday, January 6, 2014

The Holidays Are Over! Let's Talk Christmas Decorating!

It is a sad time in our house. Christmas is over and Cora is letting the world know. The Christmas tree and ornaments are gone and so is her dancing snowman. She talks about this at least 15 times per day and goes over all the Christmas ornaments each time. I am partly writing this post so we can look back at the decorations whenever we want and think about how exciting it will be to see them again in 2014.

Cora also hijacked a number of the ornaments to use in her doll house. We now have one less Strawberry Shortcake ornament and the Grinch is now referred to as "dad" to about 10 of Cora's dolls. 

My mom was in town the weekend after Thanksgiving and she suggested that we put up Christmas decorations while she was there. Sold! She is a master holiday decorator! So we put on some Christmas music, drank some hot chocolate and got to work.

The tree fit perfectly by the front balcony. Next year, we plan to have legitimate outdoor decorations but this year we are getting by on the fact that you could kind of see our tree from the street.

 We picked up a real tree topper this year (unlike last year's DIY action) at the dollar store. Cora picked it out and was quite proud of it.

My Christmas themed paper chains with tinsel inside them were strung from our metal bookcase. Yay! Instant festivity!
Check out that awesome Christmas kangaroo pillow. That pillow and almost all of our other decorations are hand-me-downs from my mom. This pillow is my biggest score to date!

An assortment of random decorations lined the window sill... including a stained glass Fred Flintstone Santa Claus from Kings Dominion and framed notes to and from Santa when Kelly and I were little.

Here's another look at our tree. There is another holiday-themed paper chain on the entertainment center. That one is weaved with silver beads because I'm a fancy lady.

You get the idea!

Here's my snazzy Instragram tree.

About a third of our Christmas book collection is not pictured below. We have a MASSIVE DOSE of Christmas books! I stored them inside the coffee table for easy access. Cora was pretty excited about them.

While we were decorating Cora took the opportunity to put all of the stockings, hats, and other random decorations on and go for a little stroll. Stockings became boots. Santa pants became a scarf. It was good times!

I can't wait for the holidays next year. By then we ought to have two kiddos old enough to dress up in crazy Christmas outfits and get excited about all the random little things that come along with the holiday season!


  1. Cora also did a fantastic job of picking out presents for her family. I love my snowman jar. She has the best type of Christmas spirit--not materialistic, but excited about everything. It was really fun to be with her for Christmas. And your house looked lovely, as usual.

  2. I really enjoyed decorating the tree with Cora's help. Hopefully we can make it a tradition. It will be very different next year with 2 toddlers opening presents and enjoying the Christmas fun. Can't wait to see outside decorations and lights!
    I loved my shower gel pump from Cora and the pink piggy bank for Emery was perfect, he has it on his bedside table!