Monday, January 20, 2014

Big Girl Room Updates: Curtains, Organization & Some Art!

I was wayyyy late in doing it but a couple of months ago I finally gave you an introduction to Cora's room. Progress has been made since then so I am here to show it off!

The to do list for her room:
  • Reassemble all furniture
  • Hang art above day bed
  • Hang floating shelves above dresser
  • Hang blinds
  • Hang curtains
  • Hang more art in her room
  • Paint
  • Maybe paint the back of her tall Ikea Billy bookcase a fun color
  • Touch up all furniture (the move was hard on it)
  • Organize the bookshelves
Now it is photo time!

You have seen my mother-in-law's handy sewing work a few times. Here is another example of it... look at those beautiful curtains! I had just asked her to add about a foot of extra fabric to the bottom of Cora's old curtains. But she decided that she wanted to fancy them up even more. She changed out the old lining to black out lining (I guess she was sick of seeing our classy looking trash bags covering the blackout blinds we bought). It made a huge difference! Even though we have pull down blackout shades in Cora's room the sun still pours in like you wouldn't believe. There are 1/4" gaps around the window and that sunny sunny sunny sun sneaks on in. She also made the curtains wider. We used the Betydlig brackets and Racka curtain rods from Ikea again and are really happy with them.

Some of the art from Cora's old room went up above her daybed. The illustrations are from The Wild and Woolly Animal Book by Nita Jonas. And, I organized her bookcase a bit better.

A little more organization but still missing some decorations: 

The floating shelves above the dresser still haven't been installed. I think the room will really come together when I finally get around to that. 

Here are a few more views of the room: 

Who knows... the next update may be when Cora and her brother start sharing a room!


  1. Beautiful! So colorful and full of light. Cora has a really pretty view, too.