Monday, January 13, 2014

Dining Room Update: Curtain Time!

This is just a quick little dining room update for you. A few weeks ago I showed you the curtain magic that my mother-in-law made happen in the living room. Today, you get to see her sewing skills put to work in our dining room.

I picked out the Smaborre fabric from Ikea for the job.

The curtains were even delivered to me on hangers:

I am a big fan of Ikea's easy to use and easy to hang curtain rods and brackets: Betydlig brackets and Racka curtain rods. So far, they are the only curtain rods we have used in this house. I like how minimal they are. There are no fancy scepter-looking things attached to the ends. And, they are pretty darn inexpensive. I'm into it.

Up went the brackets:
Scott had to cut the middle Betydlig bracket with a hack saw so it would fit between the window trim and the molding.

I like the look of floor-length curtains much better than curtains that stop at the windowsill but it made a lot more sense to have them this length. Now, you can easily pull the curtains across the window without having the fabric get stuck behind the bench.

Ikea let me down big time with their Tupplur roller blinds. These things stink. They were very easy to install but they do not do their job. The won't stay in place at all. They just roll straight back up or they stop at a totally random spot. Definitely not what you want in a roller blind. We got them because we knew I would be doing a lot of nursing in the dining room and neighbors have a fantastic view of my nursing chair from the street outside.

It took me forever to get the 2 blinds even for this photo:

Normally, they look something like this:

I made the blinds work by putting a nail at the bottom of the window. 

Whenever I want to use the blinds I just pull them all the way down and hook them onto the nail.

I am really happy with the curtains! Yay for house progress!

ps who likes our dining room view? The close neighbor thing really hasn't been a big deal. We get tons of light in our house and none of our windows line up. So it never feels like you are face to face with your neighbor.


  1. Love those curtains. You are right about plenty of light, it always looks so bright and happy in your upstairs rooms.

  2. With you on the Tupplur blinds. Have installed two of them and they are complete rubbish, won't stay down at all.