Monday, June 9, 2014

Paint City Keeps Rolling In The Bathroom

It is another paint party here at Never Listless. I have some other exciting new things to show you on the blog but they will just have to wait. Let's keep rolling on the paint train. A month or so ago I showed you the beautiful artwork that Cora painted for our hall bathroom. Now you get to see how awesome that art looks with some fancy paint behind it. The paint color is Gray Horse by Benjamain Moore. It is the same color that we used in the hallway outside the bathroom. 

dfjsdjkfsfsfkjds I love it. It really may be my favorite room in the house!

Anyone interested in taking a look at the befores?
And, now, here are some more photos of my fanciness:
Who likes looking at my toilet plunger and cleaner? You know you do. I know it isn't super classy but it is so much better than my usual deal (having a plunger in a grody plastic bag). This little contraption sells at Big Lots for about $7.99. I have bought 2 of them over the last 5 years. 

Peak-A-Boo paintings! I just wanted to show you that I painted the ceiling too. Painting ceilings seems like a crazy idea until you do it and you want to stare at it all day because it looks so good. That may just be me. But boy oh boy does it look a thousand times better than the rest of the off-white ceilings in the house. 

Isn't that a cute little stepping stool?

The End!

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  1. Very cute step stool and very peaceful "Loo"!