Monday, June 30, 2014

Here's What's Coming Your Way!

Sorry for another phantom post last Monday. I have a thrilling post about Scott's plants almost ready for you but I just need him to do a little plant IDing and he's a busy dude. I should have it for you next week or the week after.

Who needs a little update about all of the random things that will be coming your way over the next few months?
Everyone?!?!?! OK, let's get to it!

My sister came to town and brought with her... a sewing machine! Ohhh buddy it was exciting. She had fancy cutting devices that are sharper than anything I've ever used and were pretty much life changing.
And I made some BUNTING! Have I told you how much I love bunting? I want to cover every inch of my house with it. It is going in the living room as a photo display. It isn't complete but here's a little peak:

Cora's closet hidey hole is coming along nicely. It is not good looking yet but the function is starting to show!

Garage clean number one hundred and thirty three is taking place this weekend.

We cut a little hole in our garage to get some extra storage under the stairs = SUPER!

I added some shelves to the cubby behind Cora's Cubby.

Scott put up some swings for the kids in front of the garage.

The foyer is in the process of a big makeover. We painted it. A new lamp came in. Art came down and art went up. A mirror got painted and hung, as did some repurposed window shutters.

An art wall is in the process of going up in the stairway.

I've been painting some Mexican-inspired art.

A Master Bedroom Closet Update (sorry... I did this update a LOOOONGGGGGG time ago) but it more than doubled our storage so it will be shared.

There was a pantry update that happened approximately 33 years ago but will still be shared.

The living room got a mini update with a clock and a painted frame.

And... THE YARD! It should be the next post you see. But the good yard stuff will come in the future. That yard is really looking good these days!

And there you go. A little update for you. I hope you have the happiest of happy days today!


  1. Everything look fabulous.....can't wait to see the mirror and shutters and especially the "bunting".
    Thanks for a wonderful weekend!

  2. What!! I posted a comment two days ago and now it's gone! Anyway, here's the important things I had to say: I really like your clock picture. Very artsy. I also really like the picture of Augie in the swing. It looks like it's from the 70s.

    Can't wait for all the new posts!!