Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The 2nd Floor Porch Gets An Upgrade (And An Introduction To You!)

Whoops! It looks like I am way behind on letting you in on a bunch of areas of our house.
This particular area was for good reason. It was where all random furniture was laid to rest.

Here's a peak at what's coming your way.

ps I am only showing you this so the before photo is not the first little thumbnail that you see!

This space still has a loooooong way to go but progress has been made. I am not thrilled with it at all but just wait until you see the before pictures.

Scott's brother and sister-in-law gave us a twin bed a while ago that I was sure I would be able to use in our house. It ended up having nowhere to go so we put it on the 2nd floor porch. And for more than 6 months it sat there looking like this:

You would think that I would care more about this section of the house than a lot of others since our neighbors could literally jump onto this bed from their porches and can see how abandoned and creepy ours was looking. But, for some reason, I was totally fine with it looking like it belonged to a crazy person. The reason may have had something to do with a newborn coming my way. It was Scott who finally threw in the towel. He had been asking me my plans for the area pretty much since we moved in and he had volunteered to take care of it himself. After the 30th time he mentioned it I finally got to work. And all it took was one 30 minute trip to Target. I didn't come home with exactly what I wanted and I definitely could have found better stuff. But 30 minutes and a heftier-than-expected Target receipt later I was done! Plus, Cora had a blast sitting on all of the chairs and picnic tables at the store.

I went outside to take some photos for you but Mother Nature unleashed her biggest and baddest wind on me. I was met with this so I held off for another day.

Then Ms. Nature showed me some Dorothy Oz-land-ish skies too.

A few days later, Ol' Mama Nature stepped aside and I snapped a few for you:
That grossy looking rope mess against the wall is a hammock that we have no room for. We loved it at our old house but it cannot find a home here. We are working on getting it out.

Here is the view from inside. 

You may ask the question: "Why did I decide to stage it with some bananas and an empty wooden bowl? "
It is a valid question to ask.
The answer: Unknown.

Future plans:
  • Talk Scott into liking the idea of curtains on either side of the porch
  • A rug? (I would also have to talk him into that one)
  • Paint the mini white table with a cool pattern
  • Change out the pillows so they are a bit less (I feel like a doofus saying this but) cheesy 2013ish pillows
  • Paint the little black table and chairs a bright yellow
  • Paint the frame of the daybed yellow

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  1. Looks great and Emery can vouch for how comfortable the "sofa" is, he took a nap on it while we were there and the sun was out. He said it was a perfect "snoozing" place. Might I suggest a bed skirt for the 'sofa'. I love all the color ideas you have for the furniture. It really is a fun place for the kids to play and the adults to nap, I mean play with them.
    It is also a fun place to watch the marathon runners go by in the evening.