Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Introducing The Entryway AKA The Most Exciting Post Ever

Happy Happy Wednesday! 
I realized that I still have not introduced you to my whole house. Let's get you one step closer to you feeling at home here.
How about taking a little look-see at the entryway.

Before we moved in, I showed you my plans for it.
Plans changed. This is what it looks like:

And, unfortunately, this is what it looks like on most days... ehhhh we're a bit messy.

Here is the view from the front door.
Soon, I will hang something above the bookcase, probably a mirror.
Who is fascinated by this?

Here is the view you get when your fancy dancy husbandy-dude hijacks your photos for way longer than he should.

Did anyone want to see the exciting view that you get coming down the stairs?

This group of paintings is not staying. Eventually, I will replace it with one big painting.

These are the frames that I had in the entryway of my old house. I framed a bunch of different fabrics and scrap paper.

Here they are in the old house:

Here is a view of my dusty bookcase. Sorry! It didn't look as bad in person. The flash really showed it off.

Close-up of paintings that I will soon change.

And another view going up the steps. I cannot wait to get some paint on these walls!

It is the first thing people see in our house and I still haven't finished it. It is amazing how low house-updates fell on my list of priorities after having a second child. I don't understand how this was happening but a year and a half ago I was posting 5 blog posts per week. Pure craziness is what that is.

Future plans include:
  • painting it
  • hanging a mirror above the bookcase
  • changing out the group of paintings of one big one
  • painting the six large frames white
If you are interested in seeing the rest of our house here are the most up-to-date posts about each room that I have shown you:
2nd Floor Hall (here and here)

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