Thursday, April 24, 2014

Paint Party! Finally!

Until now, the only place that we had painted in our house was a closet. That closet does happen to also be our baby's room, but still. It is a closet.

Ooooohhhh how times have changed!

We now have 6 walls painted. Some of those walls may be pretty small but they are still walls! We have had the paint sitting around for these rooms since we moved into this house. I'm not really sure how I convinced Scott to do this considering we still have almost no down time but I did and now it is done!

Before we added a fancy dancy art display (I will share it on NeverListless in a few weeks) I had hung Cora's paintings with both tape and sticky tack. The sticky tack came straight from my 1985 collection that I have diligently held onto. It seems to have lost most of its stick but I'm not giving up on it. The sticky tack left a dark green residue. If you are familiar with sticky tack you know exactly what I am talking about. And the tape left a majorly gooey film. I pulled off the sticky tack as well as I could but there were still grease spots. I tried a number of methods to get the tape goo and the grease off. The best one turned out to be rubbing my fingers quickly over it to roll it loose. Neither adhesive was removed 100% but somehow the paint covered them both up perfectly.

Here are a few before photos to jog your memory:

It was paint city around this hizzie for a few nights after the kids went to bed:

The color is called Gray Horse by Benjamin Moore. I had it mixed at Lowes using their No VOC paint.

We did one side of the hallway and the walls connected to it one night and the magnet board wall the next. Scott was the roller master and I was Ms. Cut-In. We even caught up on a few TV shows while we painted. We acted like it was 1940 and listened to them like radio programs. It was kind of fun! And, I'm glad that we painted in small sections because I decided that this is, in fact, not the right color for the entire level. It is a bit too dark for a lot of the space and a bit too green to go behind my teal shelving unit. I plan on using Winter Orchard by Benjamin Moore for the rest of the space but that may change.

Here it is with everything back up:

This is the only after photo I took of Cora's art display wall before we put up the new art display.  

Last (and, definitely least) here is the terrible after shot that I took of the kitchen wall that was painted. 

I can't wait to share the rest of the progress that we have made in the house!


  1. Love the paint job, so glad you finally got around to it - not bad considering you have 2 small children in the house .

  2. I love it!!!! Looks amazing!!! Miss you!!