Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nose Picking Shenanigan

Today is Tuesday. That usually means no post. But I thought I would share a random funny article with you just to keep you entertained. Please be warned- if you do not feel like acting like a 3rd grader right now or you think that my standards should be higher than that of a 3rd grader, please do not read this post!

Scott has a good friend, Chris Chase, who writes for USA Today online. He is one funny dude in person and the hilarity stays strong in his writing. I often find Scott giggling like a crazy man at the computer. 99% of the time* it is because he is watching ridiculous Ric Flair (<--- click there if you want to see a grown man (Scott) look mind-bogglingly-insane) videos on YouTube. This time it wasn't Mr. Woooooooooooo himself. It was due to some good ol' fashioned nose digging and a fantastic handling of it.

Chris Chase wrote this article about a guy who was caught in the background of a sports commentary. You may have guessed by the title of this post that the man in question was digging for gold like a champion. However, that is not the funny part. We all know that people pick there nose constantly. Honestly, as I write this I just caught Scott doing a little pick-scratch action.

Here is he going to town on national TV.

He is definitely looking pretty cool. Don't you worry; this smooth player only gets smoother.
How does he handle getting caught in a serious pick on TV?
The most awesome wink I've ever seen. The video is way funnier. So, be sure to check Chase's article to see the snippet.

The 2nd best thing about this situation is what he does when he checks out the haul from his booger paradise. 
He gives himself a humble mental high five. This cannot be conveyed by photo. I know because I freeze-framed this video for entirely too long trying to bring the exact moment to you. It turns out that a mental high five is more of a video than a picture. So watch the full video if you must see it.

At the end of the article, Chase writes, 
"He owned it, like a boss. Try to get that unsettling image out of your head the rest of the day. Hint: You won't be able to."
He is right. Not only have those images been stuck in my head for two days, but now I also have "He owned it, like a boss." To be honest, I kind of love having that stuck in my head though.

I will be back tomorrow with a slightly more Never-Listless-y post for you and the weekly Would You Rather Question. I know you wouldn't want to miss that!

*slighttttttttt exaggeration. It may only be 98% of the time.

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