Monday, March 18, 2013

14 Nifty Easter/ Spring Decorations To Get You Inspired!

Spring is in the air and Easter is only a couple weeks away. 

To those crazy-holiday-decorating-fools: The time has come! Let's see some Easter eggs and bunnies lining your driveway! If you don't have a Spring wreath on your door yet I am just going to pretend I don't know you (I hope you caught my sarcasm there. Read on to see how far from the truth that is).

Myyyyyy goodness, do I like things decorated with branches!!! I have never used branches in my decorating, but apparently it is what is missing in my life. Isn't this a happy colorful branchy situation! As soon as I host a big Easter gathering something like this is going to happen. At the very least I will print out this photo and show my guests that I found some good decorating ideas!

Here is a more subdued branchy-situation:

While we are talking about things I love, but have never decorated with... WREATHS! I am a fraud! I wrote a whole post about St. Patrick's Day Wreaths, Christmas Wreaths, and Thanksgiving Wreaths. But a single wreath has never graced my front door or any space in my house. Let's take a look at 2 cute Spring-ish wreaths that are almost inspiring me to make the no-wreath-change.

A bunny! Oh, the cleverness!

For something else that I think is pretty but would never do see below.
I could never bring myself to waste that much candy even though jelly beans are not so impressive.

Something I could get into:
Growing my own decorations! Wheat grass can = Easter grass!

And, you can dress it all up like this:

Now is the time that I would like to show you photos of one of my favorite ways to decorate... Garland! I love it! I am a bare bones decorator when it comes to special occasions, but garland (as long as I can reuse it) is the best!

More lovely garland!

One more! Make sure to click on the links at the end of this post for tutorials or more information on these fantastic decorations.

Fancy Schmancy!

A fun and practical Easter centerpiece. 

Rainbow bunnies in a frame! So pretty! Carrot garland! The coolest!

To wrap up these snazzy Easter decorations, I have plastic eggs in egg cartons. Fun stuff, people. Fun stuff is what is happening around these parts. 

Are you inspired? What new decorations are going up this year?

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  1. I love the idea of you printing out photos of pretty decorations and handing them out to guests instead of actually decorating your house.

    This whole post cracked me up.