Monday, March 4, 2013

Updating The Deck Deck Goose, Part 2

Hey Monday Maniacs!!! Welcome back to another edition of ol' Never Ever Listless! Last Friday, I left you hanging in some major suspense about what other exciting updates I made to the deck and what oh what I learned about spray painting terracotta pots. Today is the day that I reveal it all!

I showed you the pallet table I made, and the pots that I spray painted yellow. When I was buying the spray paint I saw some perfect yellow pots for $6 but the spray paint was a few dollars cheaper and I really wanted to reuse the pots that I already had. So, spray paint was bought and pots were painted.

See the fancy pot situation below.

Look at those lovely pots just gleaming away near my little leg chub sweetie.
And, seriously, check out all of that beautiful green! It is like we are living Swiss Family Robinson style! How could we possibly leave this place?

Onto the terracotta mess that I created! It turns out that there is special spray paint for terracotta pots like this one. I did not notice those spray paints and went with Joe Regular Spray Paint. Well., it didn't work. About 1 month later the pots looked like this:

Not only did poor Alberta Spruce (in the middle) lose all of her yellow, but I also managed to just about kill her completely. My thumb is not green. It is yellow from all the flaking spray paint.

I went back to the store and picked up 2 of those pre-yellowed pots that I was eyeing on the first go-round. 

I said the Spruce's time of death and transplanted the other two.

Much better!!!

Don't click away just yet! There's more! I also got new outdoor pillows and a new camera! had a pretty good discount code going a few weeks ago and I used it on some already-inexpensive pillows. Here they are!

Spring flowers even popped up to check out the cushy new seats. 

I also updated something else! My camera! Wooo Hooo! I got a DSLR. I just have it set on auto right now and I'm sure it will take me some time to figure it out, but check out this photo of my babytoddler. Better quality?

Does anyone have any tips for me when learning how to use a DSLR?


  1. Hope you are working out how to use your camera. That photo of Cora is very clear and of course adorable.

    Deck is looking good!

  2. Looking good Lar Lar!! Love the quality of the the camera!!! Have fun playing with it!